"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


The Spooky Day

Waste It On Me

Be Yourself

We were touched by this story. It is about a boy's journey of growth, courage and self-discovery. Amazing and inspirational!

The First Football Game

She excitedly watched the Mason Homecoming football game with her new friends. A lovely night!

(Photo Credit: Jenny's friend.)

The Mattress Sale

If you happen to need a mattress, please come to the Matress Sale on October 21st at Mason High School! All purchases will benefit the Science Olympiad team and you can get up to 50% off your purchase if you mention SCIENCE OLYMPIAD. Please help us beat the Marching Band :) Thank you SO MUCH!

2018 MHS Homecoming Parade

The Harvest

This afternoon, piles of banana boxes were filled with shoes donated by Mason High School students and Mason community members and delivered to Matthew 2 Ministries in Blue Ash, an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization based in Cincinnati. Great job!!!

Happy Shoe Drive & Moon Festival!

Audition Result

Jenny got in the 2018 OMEA Southwest Region and All-State Orchestras!!! The audition took place in May, when she was preparing for the national Science Olympiad competition as well. I'm so glad that her hard work paid off! Congrats!!!

2019 National Merit Semifinalists

Congratulations to all these 27 MHS seniors!!

(Photo Credit: Mason High School)

Thank you, BT!

A Beautiful Day

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