"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


The Best of 2018

The Gathering!

Stepping out of the office from an oral surgeon in Forestville, we rushed to Hyde Park for a holiday reception organized by Cincinnati Yale Club yesterday afternoon. There were 6 early admitted students and their parents as well as some alumni in Cincinnati area attended the event. BT was so excited meeting her future college buddies there, asking the alumni questions and cutting the lovely cakes - one of which had the admits' names on it!

Dr. Mike & Medical Memes

One of the videos from Jenny's favorite Youtube channel. Watch Dr. Mike, he is so funny and inspiring!

The Best Christmas Gift...

.. we've ever received! That was the result from her single-choice early action college application she submitted to her first love - Yale University, which captivated her heart during our 2017 college visit journey. Yayyyyyyyy!!!!

Northview Tournament

The first Scioly competition of the last season on Saturday at Northview High School in Toledo, a city about 180 miles north of Mason. She participated in 4 events: Anatomy & Physiology, Disease Detectives, Designer Genes, and Protein Modeling.

Are People Born Gay?

An Adult Now :)

The Last First Study Session

That was a portion of the grins in our basement, one of the club houses of Scioly, on Wednesday.

A Loooong, Fun Sunday

That was from the concert of OMEA Southwest Regional Orchestra at Hamilton High School on Sunday, and our 5-hour trip for Fermi Lab group reunion.

Did You Vote?

I lost my heart in the woods

2018 Neuroscience Conference

Brilliant job, keep it up!!! We thank Mrs. Hansen tremendously for her support and sharing the trip with Jenny!!!

On a Mission

Jenny was on a mission 2167 miles away...

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