"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Hunt for Flowers

Loooove the colors and those species! Look at that blue hydrangea! Do you know whose favorite it is? :)

2018 Science Olympiad State Champions

It was a most memorable day! It was a most remarkable victory!! It was a most joyful and sleepless night!!! For the first time in history, Mason High School Science Olympiad team won the 1st place and was crowned as the champion at the Ohio State Tournament!!! A dream, of many generations of scioly members in MHS, finally come true!!! Yaaayyyyy!!! I'm so proud of every one of you!!!

Facts: 1) MHS team scored 79, followed by Solon and Mentor who scored 83 and 132 respectively. 2) BT participated in 4 events. She placed 1st in Anatomy & Physiology; 1st in Microbe Mission; 1st in Disease Detective; and 2nd in Ecology.


Look at the beautiful crew!
Two sailers are going on this journey.

On board!! READY, SET, GO!!!!

GO BT GO!!!!! What!!! Only one paddle??

Uh Oh! It looks the vessel is having trouble... What are you doing? Holding a bucket?? Does that help??

Omg! Where is your buddy sailor???

Syrian blind girl's song

The most beautiful and touching song I have heard in 2018.
Let's pray for those kids, pray for Syria...

Proud of Our School

According to niche.com, the 11 best school districts of 2018 are:
#1 Solon City School District in Ohio
#2 Tredyffrin-Easttown School District in Pennsylvania
#3 Radnor Township School District in Pennsylvania
#4 School District of Clayton in Missouri
#5 Dublin City School District in Ohio
#6 South Texas Independent School District in Texas
#7 Eanes Independent School District in Texas
#8 Wellesley Public Schools in Massachusetts
#9 Indian Hill Exempted Village School District in Ohio
#10 Lexington Public Schools in Massachusetts
#11 Mason City School District in Ohio

Chow Chow or Toy Poodle?


(Image Credit: pawsplaygrounds.com; petmd.com)

A Little School News


A project that I procrastinated for too long but finally got done for BT!
Thanks to those tireless workers who implemented and finished it in just two days!

Driving Alone For the First Time

A sunny afternoon. The licensed young driver was jolly. Considering the weather condition, her supplication for the first-time driving alone to a local place was approved. So we tailed that white car sneakily to the community center, about 3 miles away from our home. And it turned out to be a good trip, although I sat in the car behind, feeling as if someone had taken my heart away...


BT took part in a peaceful gathering for Gun Control and school safety today. It was an internal activity at school organized by students and not open to public or parents. The route was from students' homeroom walking to fieldhouse (gym). Sadly, not many peers of the same grade joined her; however, she gladly found many senior friends standing with her in the gym. I'm so proud of those students there who took the chance to stand up & speak up for what is right.

Let's dance :)

Scioly Regional 2018

MHS Scioly teams prevailed in the regional tournament at Xavier University on Saturday, March 3! They swept 1st and 2nd team placings and will go to States on April 28. Congratulations!!!

The medals above was from BT's 4 events she participated: Anatomy & Physiology (major), Disease Detectives, Ecology and Microbe Mission (major).

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