"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


One Less!!!

His name is Scott Pappalardo living in New York. He has owned his AR-15 rifle for more than 30 years. He even has a Second Amendment tattoo on his arm. This weekend, he destroyed his gun "to make sure this weapon will never be able to take a life."

Let's give him a big round of applause!!!

Happy Dog Year 2018!

The Chinese New Year party organized by the Mandarin teacher @MHS on Friday. We had the same job as what we had last year - I volunteered as the Dumpling Stand lady and BT worked as one of the MCs. Thanks to Ms. Nian for the wonderful evening!


That was the operation I was performing this afternoon - getting rid of the nonfunctional organs and building a salubrious new establishment.

Solon Invitational

That joyous moment was from February 3rd at Solon High School. MHS placed 1st and 3rd. Yayyyyy!!!

(Photo Credit: The group picture was from masonscioly.org/blog.html which BT was working on.)

School News

Grins and Jinglings From Boston and Centerville

MHS team placed 2nd and 3rd at MIT (January 20) and Centerville (January 27) tournaments respectively! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

(Photos credit: BT's friends. I wish I was there with them :) Got the photos from masonscioly.org/blog.html which BT was working on.)

A cloud in the sky

The song is being crooned this week - BT is learning it in her Mandarin class. Fortunately a singing teacher (in Mandarin, particularly) is always ready to help at home :) The melody sounds beautiful, I just wonder if the kids understand the meaning of the lyrics ...

The Schedule

This is the event schedule of the MHS Scioly team for January 20, Saturday. I found it early morning in her bedroom days ago and she confessed to me that she was drawing for her team in the late night.

I was so delighted (bugged by her time management though) to see her work..

It seems she has put her thoughts there; those messages being conveyed, "Buddies always", "Being PAWSitive is the CATalyst for success", "It's avocaDO..", look really entertaining; and the phone numbers are useful. She was also encouraging to balance between work, play and rest, "Explore safely and Squeeze the day", "Sleep!" (That is the hardest part). The last saying, "Catch more chickens" is from the story she was telling in her speech last year. Inspiring and LOVELY!

Heading to Boston!

The MLK Day

The 1st License :)

Heavy snow and high winds pounded the roads but the young student driver still completed the mission.


- cincinnati.com/story/news/education/2018/01/11/mason-middle-school-teacher-wont-suspended-fired-lynching-comment/1025128001/
- naacp.org/history-of-lynchings/
- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynching_in_the_United_States)

Those Smiles Again!

Those snapshots taken by her team buddies were from the first two Science Olympiad invitationals, Northview and Westlake, this year starting in December.

It was a promising start; MHS placed 1st in both tournaments. For her events, BT got 1st in Microbe Mission, 2nd in Anatomy & Physiology, and 3rd in Ecology at Northview and 1st in Microbe Mission, 1st in Disease Detectives, and 2nd in Anatomy & Physiology at Westlake. Those medals don't matter that much anymore - they will be mere souvenirs of her teenage years. What is important is maintaining the consistent vigor and enthusiasm for studying science.

(Photos credit: BT's friends.)

Happy New Year 2018!

This is one of BT's favorite music videos from BTS, I find myself captivated as well. The playful dance, the bright and picturesque setting... it is just perfect!

A love song sung in Korean, which means:

At first sight I could recognize you
As if we were calling for each other
The DNA in my blood vessel tells me
That it's you I was looking all over for

Crossing our paths is like a formula of math
Commandments of religion, providence of the universe
The evidence of destiny given to me
You're the source of my dream
Take it take it
My hand reaching out to you is a fate decided

Don't worry love
All of this is not a coincidence
We're totally different baby
Cuz we're the two who found the destiny

From the day of the unverse's creation and on
through the infinite centuries and on
In the previous life and maybe the next too
We're forever together

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