"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


A Shrill Whirring & Dusty Halloween

Water the Odds?

That was BT's Halloween costume for her AP calculus class. (She thinks she's hilarious.) Get it?


These were little moments on Monday before and during the Scioly kick-off party. I conclude that she enjoyed the thrill and fun from before and during the event almost equally!


Guess what was inspiring BT to play violin and made her to think more about it recently? It was Physics!!

She said violin made more sense to her now after she took Physics at school. The daily practice routine is not only playing notes of a concerto repeatedly, but focusing more on the contact point, force and friction, and the posture with fingers, arm and techniques involved to bring out the best sound of different colors from the violin...

The power of science :)

What happened?

This guy's speaking Mandarin is amazing, isn't it? And I couldn't agree more with him - Beijing is a very safe place, no matter when and where you are, you always feel very safe. On the safety issue, I look up to and am so thankful to Beijing government.

(Video Credit: anonymous)

Sign Gun Control Petition

I just signed this emergency petition telling congressmen that we need more than their thoughts and prayers to stop gun violence.

I think you should too: http://act.credoaction.com/sign/las-vegas?sp_ref=340120764.4.183573.e.587655.2&referring_akid=.12622943.2wEWiV&source=mailto_sp

(Image Credit: act.credoaction.com)

CIMU Chinese Festival

That was BT's fun trip with her classmates to Miami University last Friday. It was her first time going to Oxford.
The rooster of 2017, which bustled in the air for a short while, was announced the 1st place winner in the kite competition for its good CHARACTER and comely feathers!

Escher Penrose Stairs


BT sent me this screenshot when she logged in to CollegeBoard to check the results of her SAT, which she took on Saturday, August 26th. She got a full score on Math and Reading & Writing. I'm so relieved and glad that all her hard work preparing for the test paid off!


(Image Credit and Reference:
1. nature.com/news/chinese-scientists-to-pioneer-first-human-crispr-trial-1.20302
2. yourgenome.org/facts/what-is-crispr-cas9)

19th Visit: Something Sweet

BT visited the doctor with a braceless smile! She sat back in the chair and enjoyed the pleasure of making the decision - choosing her favorite flavor from a list of fruits. The prospect of being served with something sweet was delightful. However, the stuff that ended up being put in her mouth was a piece of dental CLAY!

David Oistrakh: Tchaikovsky Concerto 1st Mov.

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