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Science Olympiad @UPenn

Science Olympiad @UPenn on February 18, 2017. It was the very first Division C Scioly invitational hosted at the University of Pennsylvania. There were 42 teams from 31 schools participated in this tournament. The team, composed of 15 students (4 seniors, 9 juniors, and 2 sophomores), from Mason High School placed 1st. BT won 1st place in Anatomy & Physiology, 1st place in Microbe Mission, and 5th place in Ecology.

It was the first time that the MHS scioly team competed outside of Ohio, and also the first time that the transportation (5 vehicles total) was provided by Parent Volunteer Drivers (PVD) for the round trip -- about 1200 miles.

We were among the PVDs who were driving (mainly BT's dad; I was a mediocre assistant), and there were incidents, stressful and anxious moments on the day of competition, but overall, we enjoyed a very successful and joyful weekend!

A Journey of Love, I called it, as the gorgeous grins around the LOVE sculpture at Upenn campus reminded me -- it was a passion for science and study from the kids, and also the dedication and support to our children from all parents. A memorable trip!

Mouse loves rice

Happy Valentine's Day!

It was the first time that I "planted" roses in the oven, and they bloomed quickly, and deliciously! It was also the first time I gave roses to my dear you-know-who(?? maybe for the delicious part only) and the one who has been giving me roses for so many years...

13th Visit: Lepard + Jaguar

It was a longer appointment, about 10 minutes more than usual. BT was pulled out from school before lunch time. An additional metal band was installed on her upper 7th, for alignment purpose I believe. Retained bottom wire, the doctor duplicated the previous pattern on a new wire for upper; kept using lacing on the top. As about rubber bands, it changed a little: on the left, kept using Leopards (size 5/16" or 7.93 mm) with the same pattern - from top 3rd to bottom 4th and 6th; on the right, used Jaguars (size 1/4" or 6.35 mm) with different pattern - from top 3rd and 4th to bottom 4th. It seemed a little complicated, and I was wondering about the necessities of the asymmetrical treatment all the way home...

Solon Invitational

It was a standard overnight, parent-free trip to Solon. The school bus packed two Science Olympiad teams (about 30 students) with the coaches and set off toward Cleveland around 3:00pm from MHS on Friday.

There was no message from her until Saturday night. Here's what poor BT got after a stressful competition day: 1st place in Microbe Mission; 2nd place in Anatomy & Physiology, 1st place in Ecology; and 8th place in Disease Detectives.

Northville High School from Michigan placed 1st; Mason High School placed 2nd overall.

WSU Invitational

At 5:30 in the morning of Rooster Year, BT boarded the bus with her Science Olympiad team, altogether 30 members and the coach, at school and set off for the Wright State University tournament.

Here's the events she participated in and the schedule on Saturday:
7:00 to 8:00 Disease Detectives
8:15 to 9:15 Microbe Mission
12:00 to 1:00 Anatomy & Physiology
1:15 to 2:15 Ecology

It was a challenging tournament with national level teams from Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and all competitive teams in Ohio.

BT texted me after she finished all her events that Anatomy, her major event, was very easy which implied that she did it very well and Microbe Mission was extremely difficult which she didn't expect to place.

Since WSU is just about 40 minutes away from our home, her daddy and I drove to WSU's Nutter Center for the awards ceremony to share that youthful rowdy atmosphere with the kids. It was an exciting and joyful moment, but it ended up that BT didn't get what she wanted, the results completely surprised her.

Here's what she got: 5th place in Anatomy & Physiology; 1st place in Microbe Mission; 2nd place in Disease Detectives and 2nd place in Ecology.

Northville High School from Michigan placed 1st, New Trier High School from Illinois placed 2nd, Solon High School team A placed 3rd, Centerville High School placed 4th, Solon High School team B placed 5th, and MHS placed 6th overall.

BT was so disappointed at the Anatomy result and was determined to find out what went wrong after she receives the test papers in the coming days. To me, I think it was imperfectly perfect. I am sure the 5th place ribbon will serve much better for her study than a gold medal.

Happy Rooster Year!

A poem by Musset

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Violin Chord Exercises

Today I bumped into violinmasterclass.com online and realized that I have found a big treasure box there!!! Look at those professional video tutorials by the world famous professor Sassmannshaus, covering details from very basic stance, each finger's function in the bow hold, all kinds of bow strokes and much more!! Although BT has been learning violin for many years, the fundamental techniques and skills are crucial to her performance and she never seemed to learn them well enough. This website will definitely be a great resource to her study. Yay!!

12th Visit: Blue Leopard Again

Retained top and bottom wires as before, kept using lacing on the top; kept using leopard rubber bands with the same pattern: from top 3rd to bottom 4th and 6th. Basically the job done in this appointment was the same as previous one, except the doctor praised my homemade peanut butter pastries I gave to him and his staff before Christmas. To be a parent of such a glorious BT, I am striving to be a glorious mom as well :)

Reebok ZigTech

Westlake Invitational

Some facts:
1) It was the 2nd Science Olympiad invitational Mason High School participated in this year. MHS sent 2 teams, with 30 team members and several alternates, to this tournament.
2) The bus set off on Friday afternoon, after my meeting BT at school and exchanging bags for the trip. The bus came back at 11:25pm on Saturday night when I was almost zZZZ in my car in the school parking lot.
3) BT got the same number of medals as last time but with a slight difference: 2nd place in Anatomy & Physiology, 1st place in Microbe Mission, and 1st place in Disease Detectives.
4) Northville High School from Michigan placed 1st, Solon High School placed 2nd, International Academy from Michigan placed 3rd, and MHS placed 4th overall.

Happy New Year?

I can't believe this is from someone who will take the Oval Office in less than three weeks. Childish, sour and pointless.
Also, he might want to check the data from usmagazine.com that Hillary Clinton has actually won the popular vote at 65,746,544, with his votes totaling 62,904,682, making her ahead of him by 2.83 million votes.

Happy 2017!

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