"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Happy Halloween!

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Mole Day Celebration!

Observed annually on October 23 from 6:02 a.m. to 6:02 p.m., chemists and chemistry students celebrate their passion of chemistry with Avogadro's Number (6.02 x 10^23), which is a basic measuring unit in chemistry.

It has been BT's FAVORITE holiday since her chemistry study last year. A party with her friends at Menchie's was unavoidable last weekend :)
Look at what she has done!

A Sweet & Salubrious Sunday

Those were from the casual Picture Day of CSYO at CCM and my intrepid adventure in the kitchen :)

Building the Wall

8th Visit: Pink Sea Lion

Removed all wedges from the bottom (the bottom arch is now nearly perfect); changed top and bottom wires, using detailing wires with bands for both; changed rubber bands from leopards to sea lions, which are 6.4mm thick and 1/4" in diameter (thinner but smaller in size), leaving me puzzled on who is more ferocious...

The most unbelievable fact is, after watching BT smile and laugh every day for months, her dad finally perceived something stringy stuck to her teeth at the corners of her mouth. "What is that??" he frowned in bewilderment ... xD

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Reference: zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E4%BD%9B%E6%95%99)

Kitaro - Silk Road

Mid-Autumn Festival

7th Visit: Leopard

Added metal bands on lower second molars; changed top and bottom wires: top wire is a detailing wire with two bands for correcting the tiny gaps that occurred during the treatment (omg, the cobbles do flow in the river); added a transparent chain to the top; on the bottom, took off a wedge and put a new one in a different place for rotation and creating a perfect arch; upgraded rubber bands from manatees to leopards, stronger and fiercer, which are 7.93mm -- 0.03mm thicker than the previous one.

After 4 weeks of practice, BT has now mastered one more skill -- putting on the rubber bands on her teeth for both sides, without a mirror, in less than 5 seconds. :)

Glorious Day

That was from a glorious day last weekend, full of surprises and sweet stuff. Thanks to Alan, BT and everyone else who made it happen.

G20 Summit Gala @Hangzhou

(Image credit: hangzhouweekly.com/society/economy/hangzhou-emerges-as-investment-spot
Reference: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G20)

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