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To Girls

3D Canvas

2016 Scioly State Tournament

On April 9, there were 40 teams from both divisions of schools in Ohio: B (middle school) and C (high school), that participated the Science Olympiad State Tournament at Ohio State University.

It was the 2nd time BT went to States for Scioly. That day she competed in two events (Anatomy & Physiology and Cell Biology) and she placed 1st in both of them. All her hard work, including those "long antisocial nights staring at computers" during spring break, has paid off.

The 1st place team award went to Solon High School; the 2nd place was Mentor High School (not surprising). Mason High School placed 3rd overall, which is not enough to qualify for Nationals since only the top 2 teams from each state can go to Nationals. The team was depressed and some kids were crying.

MHS placement details:
Event Description Place
Anatomy & Physiology 1st
Astronomy 1st
Cell Biology 1st
Chemistry Lab 6th
Electric Vehicle 6th
Experimental Design 3rd
Forensics 3rd
Fossils 5th
Game On 4th
GeoLogic Mapping 6th
Green Generation 5th
Hydrogeology 3rd
Invasive Species 2nd
It's About Time 4th
Protein Modeling 6th
Wind Power 3rd
Write It Do It 4th

I hope the MHS team will continue to work hard together for all of their events. I believe their dream will come true, and that before very long, they will go to nationals.

No More Smoothies

Caring for Braces

Orthodontic Journey: 2nd Appointment

Today's appointment would take one and a half hours, we were told. It would be a special day, from now on her smile would not be the same as before.

Sounds good? (or bad?) I was not sure. As her teeth were almost-PERFECT, I was not 100% certain if it would turn out to be more-PERFECT with the same shade of white color after the treatment. Walking with her into the treating room, I had a mixed feeling of excitement and apprehension in equal proportions.

BT was excited, she was curious about the stuff on the tray by her chair. The doctor smiled, sometimes cracked up, as he answered my questions about retainers and the procedures. He smiled a lot, I observed, perhaps for showing off his perfectly straight teeth and also telling me something like, "Don't worry, I know what I am doing. It's just like another cup of tea." I believed he was right, just wished he would sip this cup more slowly and carefully.

I stayed in the room standing by BT's side, like a body guard, watching over the doctor and his assistant perform the braces installation on BT. Here's some of my observations:

1) Spacers were removed. There were only five, the other three fell off on Sunday at home. By the way, the spacers did cause a lot of discomfort, which I didn't expect.

2) 4 metal bands were installed on the 4 first molars, with a blue-colored fluoride Light-Cure Band Cement; they would serve the purpose of attaching the wire.

3) The teeth were treated individually with a conditioner before being brushed with an adhesive coating and glue for the brackets.

4) A bracket was then attached to each tooth. For the upper teeth, BT had clear ceramic brackets, which looked aesthetically better and lower teeth the conventional metal ones, which are not as likely to wear out the upper teeth.

5) A wire, called "archwire", was attached to the brackets afterwards and runs from bracket to bracket.

I learned that archwies are interesting things in that they tend to want to retain their normal shape. They are made of materials activated by body heat to increase stiffness. The wire BT has presently is what is called a twist wire which is like a small cable. It wants to remain straight. When it is put onto the teeth of the patient, and activated by the heat of her/his mouth which is 20-25 degrees above room temperature, its capacity to remain straight provides the forces necessary to get the biomechanical process of bone remodeling to begin and continue.

I speculated that the crucial part is the process of attaching the brackets to the right position on each of the teeth - no wonder it was the doctor who checked and positioned the brackets individually, and the rest of the work was all done by his assistant.

Wow, looks I have learned a lot today. Yayyyy! Now I'm looking forward to watching the MAGIC happen: the archwire moves silently in BT's mouth and slowly but surely retains its perfect arch shape...

2016 Easter

Dirty Work

Cloudy day is perfect for photography and dirty work. And that's what I had today, about one hour during lunch time, I enjoyed trees, new buds, flowers and a pair of dirty hands, happily all by myself.

Orthodontic Journey: 1st Appointment

She has a beautiful smile. She always agreed with me, and vehemently protested the idea of putting those metal brackets and wires in her mouth when I took her to an orthodontist office years ago. Her dentist's advice was that it was up to us. I thought perhaps she could escape from wearing braces like other kids. But I was wrong. As time elapsed, we both realized that pursuing the PERFECT smile was perhaps quite necessary.

So that was our first appointment today! BT was quite excited, look at her wicked grin! Here's what she got done:

1) X-rays. It was easy except BT was laughing so hard as the nurse put her head in the machine, which apparently tickled a lot.

2) Impressions. It wasn't as hard as I thought. BT liked the idea of having the chance to choose a flavor.

3) 8 spacers installed. It seemed not a big deal.

Yay! Looking forward to the real thing next week.

(BTW, look at that close-up "before" picture, it is beautiful except a little bit of overjet.)

3 Things

One of my favorite quotes for BT and myself.

(Image Credit: Pinterest.com)

CSYOCO Spring Concert 2016

That was CSYOCO's Spring Concert at Northern Kentucky University's Greaves Concert Hall on Sunday (Oh my gosh! I realized I'm very good at time management and procrastinating :)).

It was my another wondrous music journey, as an always-follow-the-kid-everywhere mom, I was amazed at the chosen pieces which were SO beautiful and still within the range of technical skills that the kids could manage and play well. It went super smoothly, at least as an audience I didn't notice any imperfection. Congrats!!

I was also amazed at the creativity with which the director (or conductor or whoever) designed the concert.

Highlights of the concert:

1) Using colored placards to denote the mood of the music. It was something new in the CSYOCO concert and fun.

2) In a Persian Market. Oh, one of my favorite pieces, especially watching those youthful and comely-looking "beggars" SINGING OUT LOUD! I wondered what they were begging for :) I felt they were the richest people in the world!

3) The orchestra played Zigeunerweisen (BTW, what an enchanting piece!) with a soloist who was a member of CSYO Philharmonic orchestra and a junior student planning to major in violin performance in college.

4) The most surprising (and also scary to some kids) one, the conductor interviewed some members on the stage extemporaneously!! And BT was one of them! The good thing is she doesn't have stage fright at all. I'm very happy that she did a wonderful job with a huge grin!

Wooooo!! Ahhhhh!!

My new buddy. Got hooked on her workout series recently, I can't believe I'm doing this with her.. everyday. Whewwww!

2016 Science Olympiad Regional

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