"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown



My 4-week-old succulent babies!


That was one verson of detox water we were drinking this summer.

Is it really good, or just a fad? So far at least the following benefits have been noticed:

. The desire of drinking water is stronger, especially when you put in something which looks like a spider :)

. More body movements from standing up, sitting down and walking in the room to get more water. Good for the sedentary people, such as B the T.

. Much more cups of water consumed every day!!

What are those dots??

(Image credit: khanavo.wordpress.com; google.com
Reference: morganmassage.com/2012/01/16/history-of-cupping)

New Gear for Sophomore

Sixth visit: Again, a new thicker arch wire for the lower teeth and the upper one stayed the same. The new gear from this visit are rotational wedges, which are used to help rotate the lower front teeth, and interarch rubber bands, which are used to adjust bite and jaw position - now she is having them attached to the brackets with hooks connecting her upper 3rd tooth to the lower 4th and 6th teeth on each side, and they will stay all the time except for eating and brushing.

Yiruma - River flows in you

The Audition

I'm coming down with Post-Audition Stress Syndrome, which means curling up with ice cream, earbuds, and the Best of Yiruma.

1.) Prelude to the audition: For one, I ended up at the warm-up room of Walnut Hills High School for my CSYO audition 15 minutes later than I was supposed to, panting and extremely flustered. We had gotten stuck on I-71 for about half an hour. On the right shoulder of the road, we saw about seven or eight cars scattered, some badly damaged. At first, we were crawling along, inch by inch, but we soon came to a dead halt. That was when I panicked. As my dad sat gripping the steering wheel and gnashing his teeth, my mother stared glumly at the little red dotted lines on Google Traffic, all of us anxious and helpless.

At 3:10, a mere 30 minutes before my audition, we were still stuck in the same position, nine miles away from Walnut. Every minute was absolute torture. I was actually considering jumping out the door and sprinting the next nine miles (desperate times call for dumb decisions)when suddenly and magically, a couple of cars on our right started turning around on to the right shoulder. We followed them, exited I-71 off an entrance ramp, and took a different route, somehow managing to skid into Walnut's parking lot before 3:40. But the whole process did shake up my nerves quite a bit.

2.) The audition: Auditions in general are something of a nuisance because you spend a lot of time and effort preparing for them for many months, but one single performance -- be it good or bad -- determines your fate for an entire year.

Sometimes you do your best but your best isn't enough. Other times, under pressured situations, even your best is hard to pull off.

Could I have done better? Yes. Could I have taken a couple fewer breaks, perused a couple more etudes, blasted through a couple more sightreading excerpts? Yes. Am I going to beat myself up about it because even though I tell myself I don't care, I actually kind of do? Absolutely.

My eighth-grade history teacher once told me, "You work as hard as you possibly can, and then you let the chips fall where they may." So I'm going to let the chips do their thing. Whether they will reflect the hours I spent on my college-visiting trip practicing in the hotel room, or the dying batteries of my metronome, or the little notes that keep playing on continuous repeat in my deep-fried churro brain, I don't know. I'm buckling up, because I don't think it's going to be a soft ending.

But I'm going to be back, harder, stronger, with new batteries and more vigor than ever. Because wherever the chips may fall, I know that the River still Flows In Me.




Baltimore Trip

Watch his show...

... has become our daily ritual. BT and I are kind of addicted to the episodes from this guy, Stephen Colbert.

The Bluetooth

This time BT got a new arch wire for the lower teeth and the upper one stayed unchanged. I guess there's not much that needs to be done for the upper teeth right now, they look so perfect, or at least close-to-perfect at the very beginning. I pray they stay that way, and the lower arch wire keeps its magical strong DESIRE. And BT chose blue this time. That was our 5th visit.

Hot Summer!

Revolution War by the Numbers

(Image credit: foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com



Happy Independence Day

It had been drizzling for days, which was salubrious for our lawn, flowers and trees. So our fireworks watching was replaced by another form of delightful (and tasty) treats.

BT was also jubilantly finding Dory with a bunch of her friends, while her mom and dad strolled away with some other people, boggling in disbelief about the fact that the tickets were sold out...

(Image credit: movies.disney.com. Not the left one, of course:))

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