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My Experience @Severance Hall

Cleveland Trip

That's the two-night trip BT and about 300 of her schoolmates in Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, Wind Symphony Band, and Symphonic Band will set off on early tomorrow morning.

Severance Hall is the most beautiful concert hall in the United States, located in Cleveland, home of the Cleveland Orchestra since 1931. BT and her schoolmates will play a concert there, featuring Shostakovich String Quartet No. 8, Peer Gynt Suite, and Brahms Academic Festival Overture. But thinking of the pile of two days' worth of make-up schoolwork she has to finish over the weekend and the fact that she must arrive to school at 6:30 am tomorrow morning, I'm not sure if I should feel excited or the opposite.

(Photo Credit: Google Maps)

The Circus

The Circus was honored with Gold Key in the 2016 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in Cincinnati.

WSU Invitational

Those were moments from our Saturday.

The tournament was on February 6, 2016 at Wright State University in Dayton, 40 miles north from where we live. There were 35 teams from 20 schools participating in the division C (high school) Science Olympiad tournament. The events BT competed in were her favorites as before: Anatomy & Physiology, Cell Biology and Disease Detectives.

Since BT needed transportation to her OMEA solo performance at Lakota West High School right after her last competition event at WSU, her dad and I, after so long, finally had the chance to be her private drivers again.

It was a crazy day, but also a great one, although we didn't have time to attend the award ceremony. And my super-speedy-but-without-police-catching-me driving skills contributed a great deal in the afternoon. :) And she got a supreme "1" in her OMEA playing.

These were what BT received on Monday at school: she got 1st place in Cell Biology, 2nd place in Anatomy and 4th place in Disease Detectives.

The Spring Festival Party


It was BT's first time experience at CSYOCO for OMEA concert. The venue was at the Duke Energy Convention Center, which is located in downtown Cincinnati.

The pieces on the program were Youth Overture by Emma Lou Diemer, Carpriccio Italien by Tchaikovsky, Night in Mexico by Paul Creston, Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Brahms and Symphony No. 5, Op. 67 by Beethoven.

The concert went very well, every piece sounded wonderful. I enjoyed the last piece most; BT told me it was the hardest one, and I dreaded that she would goof it up but she didn't :)

Our trio turned into quartet that day - we had a guest with us for the round trip, BT's friend Vicki; see their humongous GRIN!

Vision & Action


(Video Credit: YouTube.com)

The Smiles!

I was so excited to find these photos on Facebook posted by BT's Scioly teammates for the Westlake tournament.

Westlake Invitational

Fun and Not-So-Fun Facts:

1) It was the 2nd Science Olympiad invitational tournament this year on January 9th at Westlake High School, which is located at a city 224 miles north from where we live.

2) The trip was PARENT-FREE again. Just like last time, I exchanged bags with BT and watched the team boarding the bus and set off from my car Friday afternoon.

3) This Saturday was totally different. No texts/emails/phone calls from BT which never happened before. I was panicking. I called her and she didn't answer. I was almost driven crazy. It was 11:20pm when she finally called me on her friend's phone and told me that the bus would arrive in 15 minutes. Turns out that Westlake High School was basically a blackhole, with no WiFi and no phone signials. -__-

4) These were BT's events and what she got: 1st place in Anatomy & Physiology (her major), 1st place in Cell Biology (her major), and 1st place in Disease Detectives (not her major). Mason High School placed 1st.

Countless Happiness

(I wonder if they were magnetized here by my Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah xD )


On the New Year's Day, a melody was haunting me. It stuck there and wouldn't leave my head. It was a tune from a drama I watched sometime ago. In the show, this little music piece was sung with no lyrics but a chain of "ah-" whenever the main character was thinking of the one on her mind. It was pretty, the soft and sweet vocal, and the way it synchronized with the character's day dream and feelings. I ended up singing "ah-" and teaching BT to sing with me at home for days. And I decided to write it down.

Coincidently I have found a music writing website that lets me make music notation, so here it is - I created this music sheet on my own and it was so much fun. Does it look like a work from an experienced professional? xD

Thanks to the online application which makes writing music something an amateur can do. I especially like these features:
1) Playing the sound of the notes as you put them on the staff so that you don't need to care about "A, B, C, D.." value at all.
2) You can choose the instrument when you play it.
3) You can enjoy other people's work and share yours with them. (No I won't share mine with them :) )
4) The application enforces the correct number of beats in each measure based on the time signature so that you don't need to worry about the rhythm.

Now I'm singing "ah-" again...

Happy New Year!

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