"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Into the Woods and ...

So after days of BT's strenuous playing with moles (shhh... haha you have no idea what I mean, right), I finally got a Saturday to cajole her out of her room into the woods. It made me feel as if I were the wicked stepmother of Snow White, but the fact is the king was tailgating his princess everywhere as well, which kind of sort of changed the whole story.

It was a perfect day -- at least based on my definition -- with cool, almost chilling, temperatures so unusual in June, but no rain, and with sunshine behind humongous chunks of clouds which heavily reduced the possibilities of getting sunburnt (although not eliminate it all).

Look at what we met on our journey.

Stereotypical pond scenery: ok yeah fine they do lose their uniqueness after a while, but not their vigor.
Ultraviolent violet
Clearly we're being stalked -- no -- keenly observed by someone... Yeah you know what that's like not creepy at all.
Here they come.
Let's just say your rapacity is somewhat short of subtle.
Water pedaling SW.
The Rule of Thirds. That's all I can think of for now.
The evil stepmother (just look at that sinister glint in her eye), Snow White, and the King.


(Image credit: pinterest.com)


Happy Father's Day!


The sheer magnificence of the invincible hashtag #selfiestick made all the more delightful by the terribly photogenic Yours Truly.

Windows Waltz

First Day of Summer School

(Left, BT was practicing her epic movement #3.)

Have a great day!

So basically I stumbled upon www.how-old.net which is a software that tries to guess people's genders and ages in photos based on their facial features. This is what I got. THAT WAS GREEEEAAAAAAT! (Edit from BT: good job.)

Remember the Day

June 4th and June 5th are not good days in China, specifically in 1989 when I was in college in Beijing. Many years have passed, but grief and depression still hover like a cloud in the hearts of people who witnessed the event.

I put this video here to help BT learn what happened in Beijing on Jun 4, 1989 as part of history.

Concerto in G minor by Bruch

Random facts and sundry opinions:

Second violin recital of the year took place on Saturday, May 30th at Ascension Lutheran Church. A total of nine students from Dr. Lim's violin studio performed.

I played Concerto in G minor by Bruch and was the only student to perform an entire movement of a piece, ahaha :D Overall let's just say it was relatively successful and a bunch of moms were like oh good job Jenny you played very expressively-slash-beautifully and all that stuff but that's not a big deal okay moving on--

Thanks to Dr. Lim of courseeeee. It's been three years since I've come to learn at his studio and it was the best decision like ever :) Without his professional training I would probably-slash-definitely be at the very very back of the school orchestra and still be playing with finger tapes and still be stewing over how to shift to like fifth position. So basically THANKS FOR SAVING ME FROM THIS GRIM FATE.

It's so sad that this was the last time that Dr. Park is accompanying us at a recital since she is moving to Texas. *bittersweet moment* I want to thank Dr. Park TREMENDOUSLY for all her work and perfect, meticulous accompanying for all this time! We were so lucky to have her, and she makes recitals so much easier :) Wish her best of luck in Texas!


And another year flies by, faces and memories warping in and out of focus. It's dizzying to think about. Thus marks another step on this journey we're plodding through together. I guess this is a start of a new era, High School, where we let go of all our past failures and losses and mistakes, let them go like a handful of balloons rising up up up until they all disappear like sesame seeds in the sky. I guess this is the start of a new metamorphosis; we put on a pair of shiny new knee-high rainboots, new sunglasses, new friendships, a new name, a new face, trying to figure it all out. I guess this is the start of a new clean slate, the birth of a battle, a silver plate soon to catch laughter, tears and blood and everything in between.

I guess this is it.

Once Upon A Dream

A Glorious Vision

Her dad planted this 'Paula Fay' for me last year, and this is how it looks today!!

The beautiful peony definitely gives me a little extra thrill... but what makes me keep dancing and singing is that this week I have accomplished a mission which seemed impossible. Of course it's all for BT.

A clandestine plan. A glorious vision. Which would make all other moms' eyes turn green xD I'm not going to tell anybody. Only three of us know... ;)


Undeterred by My Pastry Experience at school last week, I was baking again for BT and her NJHS buddies to celebrate their last meeting.

You know what? When she came home from school, BT told me that one of her friends said:"Your mom is really good at baking!"

Ha!! I thought my definition of cupcakes - petite size and no icing and no sprinkles on top, would be a healthy idea apprehensible only to myself but obviously there's still someone out there who agrees with me :)

In Her Pink T-shirt...

BT was shaking hands with the superintendent who still remembered her as the owner of that innocent piggy, this time in her pink T-shirt at the Board of Education meeting with her other three mathletes on Tuesday in the Harvard room at the high school, for winning the Mathcounts State Team Championship.

It's not an ordinary pink T-shirt which you can purchase from a store, it was not for sale. Neither can you get it by passing an academic club tryout test like for Mathcounts or Science Olympiad. It was the team shirt of the NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) - you had to earn it not only by maintaining academic excellence and attending weekly meetings but also completing 30 hours of community service and BT's service hours is much more than that! Look at her proud toothy smile in her pink T-shirt.

Make Healthy Choices

"You are welcome!" I don't remember how many times I replied that, with a wide grin on my face, yesterday to people's continuous thanks to me at school. I felt a little awkward as usually it was I who said thanks to others.

It was teacher and staff's appreciation luncheon. I was one of the volunteers and my job was in charge of serving dessert. Imagine that position, what would make you happier (of course excluding any moments with BT, but not including the recent struggles with her though)? Among the colorful and fancy chocolate cakes, brownies, chocolate pretzel rods, cupcakes, chocolate caramels, sugar cookies, homemade chocolates, peanut butter with chocolates crowded on the table, my homemade little pastries looked like ugly ducklings.

My responsibility was greeting and filling the plates based on people's custom requirements. The job was interesting, fun, and full of joy. I found that people were very happy and gregarious in front of food. Their eyes widened a little, and they couldn't stop smiling.

And they were very polite and thankful. But there's one thing which made my heart sank - most of them preferred the very sugary, high-calorie items, such as brownies and chocolate cakes or chocolate pretzel rods, but definitely not my humble looking, low-sugar, low-calorie little pastries - actually they were each filled with 4 gram of milk chocolate as well - my new version especially for this event. Awwwww...

When the luncheon was over before I left, I reserved and saved the leftover little ducklings with some other easy-to-keep items on the table of the teacher's lounge, far away from the cafeteria's trash can. Maybe they will realize how cute and healthy my multi-layered ducklings are and will come back to get them or take some home. Who knows.

Central Art Collection

An array of artworks from students in Mason schools were chosen to be the Mason Central art collection that will be displayed throughout the 2015-2016 school year.

The artists and their families were invited to a reception in the students' honor on May 5.

BT was one of them. Her innocent and handsome piggy behind the bars will be staring at our superintendent for a whole year long...

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