"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Spring Orchestra Concert @School

OASC State Conference

Random Facts:

. The venue was Wellington High School, which is located in a small town near Cleveland, about 190 miles northeast of Mason.

. During the conference from Thursday to Saturday, BT stayed with a host family (anxious MT had investigated that the father was a religious leader at the local church).

. There were 15 students and 2 coaches from MMS who attended this conference. The transportation was provided by a school bus, which means it was a completely parent-free event.

. BT's soft-hearted and crazy dad had planned to trace her all the way to Wellington: he had even booked a hotel room to stay in and scheduled a daily itinerary. Fortunately MT stopped his overprotective and exaggerated attempt in order to save BT's image.

. MMS won first place for their Hall of Ideas display in Middle Level; The Hall of Ideas display is a trifold board that each school brings to show off the projects they have accomplished this year. MMS also won the Five Star Award, which is presented to all schools that were represented at all five of the OASC events this year.

. Four students (including BT) from MMS were among the total forty-seven students from Ohio who were selected to be members of the All-Ohio Student Council, a recognition for outstanding service in the school and community.

. Among the stuff she harvested during this trip, her favorite was a T-shirt with the logo "I <3 OASC".

2015 Mason District Art Show

BT brought home a poster (which was put on the walls everywhere at Mason schools) and invitation cards her art teacher gave her at school Monday.

The drawing looks so familiar to me... where did I see it before?

Ready, Set, Grow!!!

After digging 58 holes in our yard and various pots, a pair of heavy legs + a light heart makes me painfully happy!

Professors Today

Go to States!!!

A Must-Read

I feel blessed to have been introduced to this book from Harvey Mackay's weekly column some time ago. It took me only four days to finish it, which set a new personal record, considering my hectic daily schedules.

I really like the writer and her style; she is funny, incredible, warm and very genuine. She inspires readers to be their best by sharing her amazing life stories along with a lot of common sense, her down-to-earth wisdoms and life lessons. I feel it is valuable not only to the leaders and young people like BT, but to all individuals who have the willingness to make themselves better humans.

It gladdens me to read the notes BT wrote down while she was reading this book; one of the lines was:

"God is watching - give him a good show."

(PS: Put down your Harry Potter and read this, it is much better and meaningful.)

OMEA Solo and Ensemble 2015

That was part of our Saturday. Same event at the same place as last year, but there was something different - the ensemble. For the first time, BT teamed up a quartet with her friends, the piece was Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 3.

In the performance room, I was curious and almost ready to watch the coterie of beautiful musicians mess up, as they had cancelled many practices at our house and at school. But it turned out to be far from what I had speculated. BT was leading the group as the first violin with surprising ease; she seemed to enjoy what she was doing and even exchanged some cheery glances with her buddies during the performance. The quartet had all parts blending well and sounded wonderful. The judge was smiling, she was quite pleased and of course they got a "1" (superior rating). BT's solo went smoothly as well - sounded energetic to me with clear emphasis on up & down strokes, or at least she didn't "break" it. Thanks to her violin teacher; she wouldn't have grinned as widely that day without his help.

In two hours' time between the solo and ensemble, we rushed to the Middletown Arts Center to get BT's award for her art work - a letter and a cheque this time. That was quite an adventure as every minute counts on our trip. A salute to our captain - BT's dad, he actually deserves a medal around his neck for all the events he attended (not all dads act the same way) and being our honorable and diligent chauffeur :)

The Grip

From the school news dated March 13, "Four MMS students' art will be featured in the 2015 Tomorrow's Artists Today Exhibition, which can be viewed at the Middletown Arts Center until March 26. Hong also had the distinct honor of being awarded Second Place in the Drawing Category for her work titled, "The Grip"."

Every piece of BT's art work is a treasure to me, but this is one of my favorites. The curve and smoothness of the fingers, the soft shading, the contrast, the highlights, and the strings and details on the violin... and also the title - I still remember the day when she was brainstorming and asking my opinion about it.

Hope she won't loosen her grip on beautiful things in life, such as art and violin, literally and figuratively, and hold on tight to what she believes and dreams no matter what other people say.

Spring Equinox 2015

Today is spring equinox, also called vernal equinox. In the area where we live, Mason, Ohio, it happens on Friday, March 20, 2015 at 6:45 PM.

"Equinox" is derived from Latin, meaning "equal night" -- literally it means that the night and day on the equinox are exactly the same length; 12 hours each, but I learned that is only nearly true in reality due to refraction and other factors. Exactly 12 hours or not, we're having more and more sunshine for sure, hooray!!

There usually is an abundance of orchid blooms on our windowsill on this day, but this is all I have this year, the other two pots just refuse to show any sign of spring. Awwww... It relates to my forgetting them in my prayers or that humidifier stuff, I guess?

CSYOCO 4th Concert 2014-2015

On Sunday, March 15 we had our Spring Concert at Northern Kentucky University's Greaves Concert Hall; it was the fourth concert of the season.

Along with "Hectic Overture", "Procession of the Nobles", Donizetti's "Don Pasquale Overture", Sibelius's "Finlandia, op.26, No.7" as well as the Ralph Vaughan Williams's "English Folk Songs", we also played our new pieces, Copland's "Variations on a Shaker Melody from Appalachian Spring" and Sousa's "Hands Across the Sea".

I found myself taking the joy and relaxation in playing my part in the concert, especially since it was wedged in between a ton of Math and Scioly competitions, it was like guzzling a bowl of ice cream (which, in retrospect, I literally did today xD) after eating continuously eating hot pot. So I'm thinking back to the end of fifth grade (oh, the nostalgia), when the band and orchestra teachers paraded around, campaigning and waving their banners, trying to recruit us to join the Dark Side. Their main claim to fame was that joining a band or orchestra could help you learn to work with others cooperatively, learn more quickly, and even raise your intelligence, etc. How cheesy. But actually it's true. Now I can say with pride that, as a result of participating in school orchestra and CSYO Concert Orchestra, I am able to play a reasonably challenging piece tolerably well with a bunch of other instruments in a matter of weeks and maintain a not-that-bad seating (while not practicing TOO MUCH at home, BUT DON'T TELL THE CONDUCTORS xD).

2015 Science Olympiad Regional

Does history repeat itself?
Yes, sometimes it does, magically! Look at these facts:

1) Saturday. UC Blue Ash College. It's the Cincinnati Science Olympiad Regional Tournament. Again.

2) Still wearing the same team T-shirt from last year (omg it seems the new shirts will never be done. The prints of both T-shirts were "accidentally" designed by B the T but um that's irrelevant).

3) After weeks of the same excruciating studying, B the T got, no more and no less, the exact same number and types of medals as the ones she got last year - TWO GOLD medals: one for 1st place in Anatomy/Physiology and one for 1st place in Bio-Process Lab, plus a 4th place in CJAP.

4) MMS team came in second place overall, exactly the same as last year.

But still some things were different this year:

1) For the first time, students were required to wear blue wrist bands, which were created by the Scioly organization, as evidence of eligible participants. And that was the appalling, disastrous, dire situation BT and her other three team mates faced at 8:25am at the door of the competition room. Terror. Panic. Imagine that! So here came the fearless old lady. Three hundred meters sprinting and dashing back and forth between buildings. In minutes. So who was she? The one who finished up having no energy left to whoop and holler but just grin and applaud for the winners :)

2) For the first time, not having time to celebrate BT's passion and effort for Scioly in the "family traditional manner" - slurping noodles, the Trio ended up having fun at a humongous party with about two hundred people.



2015 Cincinnati Chapter

On Saturday February 28th, BT was grinning again with Mrs. Carney and her other 9 Mathletes from Mason Middle School at UC's Zimmer Hall.

There were about 460 contestants representing 46 schools from throughout Greater Cincinnati participated the annual Chapter Competition. It was BT's 3rd year and last year to take part in the Mathcounts.

After two hours competition of Spring Round, Target Round and Team Round, here's the stuff BT was awarded:
. 1st place individual in Mason Middle School
. 2nd place individual out of all participants (top 5 individuals were awarded)
. 1st place team (which consists of top 4 MMS Mathletes. Mason Middle School got 1st place again.)
. Scholarships from UC's department of Mathematical Science and College of Engineering and Applied Science

On the way home, not in the mood for noodles, BT rightfully chose a place for dinner where she would have a statistically higher probability to satisfy her gastronomical desires. :)

(Edit by BT: Today when I got to school, Mrs. Carney made me go do a morning announcement over the PA congratulating the MathCounts team. It was really awkward because my name appeared in the script (which she had written) kind of a lot, so I actually changed the script a tiny bit so that I only had to say my name once, and I tried to change my voice so people wouldn't think it was me, but I don't think that worked out. One fortunate thing about my making the announcement (rather than someone else who doesn't know us) is that I didn't butcher everybody's names (or at least I don't think I did...) Throughout the day people kept saying to me, Congratulations on your scholarship! Which that really isn't the main part of it, but yeah, shurp.)

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