"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Brandenburg Concerto No.3

Tangerine Juice

Again we didn't have school today, which kind of left me no choice but to enjoy... this. It's as if our superintendent is forcing us to celebrate Chinese New Year. So very thoughtful (...and consequential at the same time, but that's a different story). Geez, I mean, one snow day is relaxing, two is unnecessary, three is monotonous, and four is just plain GHASTLY.

Although all this week"end" I've been getting increasingly tired of staying at home (ahaha sorry mom xD) and looking forward to going to school where I can finally see my friends, today turned out to be sweeter than a regular snow day. Look at my loot to start off my new year :)

Moral of the story? When life gives you snow days, be thankful and make tangerine juice... (dramatic pause) and leave the world wondering HOW YOU DID IT :)

Happy Snow... Chinese Lunar New Year!

This is the 3rd snow day we've had IN A ROW. And a SEVEN DAY WEEKEND. Uh, I think that's a record. It's like Winter Break Part 2. If we have school on Friday, that'll be a one-day school week - super awesome and totally not legit. What made this happen? The snow and plunging temperatures, negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrrrr... And today also happened to be the Chinese Lunar New Year - Year of the Sheep, which is celebrated by more than one billion people on the other side of the earth. I know my grandma, grandpa, my uncle, aunti and cousin are feasting in gastronomic heaven, singing and dancing in revelry. The fact is we live in Ohio; although we don't see an ounce of festive atmosphere in our community, I spent my gratuitously long weekend catching up on long-lost Zzzzs and enjoying my mother's wonderful chicken kebabs and rice balls :D

Wear Red & Make Loud Noise!

Happy Warm-and-fuzzy-heart Day!

"The blood-soaked conspiracy of Valentine's Day, driven by the oppressive chocolate capitalists, has arrived once again."

Congrats, Newly Minted Orchestra Member!

All those painful hours of practicing have finally led up to this point. The auditions are over. You've made it.

Welcome to the M---- High School Honors Symphony Orchestra - the gloriously celestial world beyond that crucial threshold, the world of disharmonious cacophony, inextricable disarray. How utterly idyllic.

If you are looking to jumpstart your career as the next Emanuel Borok, this is the ideal place to begin. Below are five simple (yet totally legit) steps to help you.

1. Always talk during tuning. You'll never be punished for this "misdemeanor" because no one can ever hear your voice over the tuning anyway. Which defeats the ostensible purpose, but that's really beside the point.

2. Neglect all accidentals. This will cause a discordant sound, of course, but sharps and flats require too much effort. Sometimes, the group's needs must be sacrificed for the benefit of the individual. Besides, they're called "accidentals", so they weren't really meant to be there anyway.

3. Always use open string whenever possible. Especially the E string. It's considerably more convenient than using the fourth finger. Everything is better when they are open: hearts, minds, hands, doors, eyes, cans of worms. Clearly, strings fit into this same category.

4. If you are the person sitting on the inside (farther from the edge of the stage), it is perfectly fine to accidentally forget to turn the pages of the music. It keeps your stand partner on his/her toes. If your stand partner yells at you to turn them, do so as conspicuously as possible in order to draw attention, at the very last second.

5. Do not stop playing once the conductor stops conducting. This is the best way to ensure that the rehearsal proceeds as efficaciously as possible. Three measures is usually the perfect length to extend your unwarranted solo. Two measures is insufficient to show off your technical skill, while four may become tedious and awkward. Three measures is a perfect balance. Illuminati confirmed.

Lastly, do not expect to be placed at the top of the orchestra seating as a result of your behavior. As the brilliant P----- V---------- so eloquently stated, "It doesn't matter which chair you sit in. It only matters that you're sitting in a chair."

Most importantly, enjoy your experience in orchestra following this sage advice.

While you still have a chair.

CSYOCO 3rd Concert 2014-2015

Our concerts proceed continually as time passes by, like a series of dishes in a banquet. But this time the key words for the flavor are "Red" (yaaay! I like that exuberant hot color!), and "Combined". If you know what I mean.

On Sunday, February 8 we presented our 50th anniversary and 3rd concert of the season at Winton Woods High School auditorium - a combined concert with CSYO Philharmonic Orchestra.

If our performance of "A Hectic Overture", followed by "Procession of the Nobles", "Fugue in G Minor", and "Finlandia, op.26, No.7" (as always) was like chili of the Hot caliber, then the "English Folk Songs" by Ralph Vaughan Williams played together with those older and higher-ranking members was of the Fire caliber - the humongous VOLUME and INTENSITY, that was really SOMETHING.

All seasoned "red peppers" crammed on the stage, I seemed to have mastered (or not) all the pieces in the repertoire by myself. Do you see me there, acting professionally as if I were a veteran violinist, among that group of engrossed musicians? :)

Watch Your Hygrometer!

"Hello! It's an emergency! Could you send someone to our house to check the humidifier tomorrow morning?!..Yes.. the sooner the better! THANK YOU!!"

That was the phone call I frantically made to a local heating service company last week, after a horrifying discovery and two l-oooooo-n-g trips to the violin workshop.

Watch your hygrometer! *fist bump* Or not. And then wait and see what will happen.

Dun Dun Dun.

2015 Scholastic Art Awards

Random Facts But No Opinions:
1) It was 92nd the annual Scholastic Art Awards at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center on January 30. Jurors from a wide variety of art disciplines in Ohio evaluated each work entered in one of 15 media categories.

2) There were 4 winners from Mason Middle School - 2 students received Honorable Mention; BT and Taylor, her best friend since kindergarten, received Gold Key. BT's charcoal drawing, titled "The Face of Bacon", is in Drawing and Illustration category.

3) The Gold Key works will be sent to New York for judging on the national level.

4) The Gold Key (pin) is actually very small (although the picture is "enlarged to show detail").

5) The exhibition runs from January 30 to February 6 at The Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Yay! BT's pig is going to strut along the streets of Manhattan! I'm sure that whether carrying a medal around his neck or not, he will be doing so with divine ecstasy.


My dad stayed in Toronto for two days, after an exact pattern of "delayed, cancelled, delayed, delayed, delayed, delayed" and he finally arrived home today. Yay! -- how glad we all are.

Then you can see what happened next. A myriad of different, exotic things laid out on the table, which I have never tried before, looks very exciting to a gastronomical connoisseur as me :) It's a gustatory paradise. We opened one package today AND I LOVED IT. The veggie meat on sticks looks particularly intriguing, I can't wait to try that tomorrow. I've decided that every day, I will only try one new thing, or else it will become too tempting and I will become so overweight -_- "The struggle is real." :D

A fortissimo of thanks to my uncle and aunty, and my dad as the transporter of course :)

2015 Magsig Invitational

Random Facts & Opinions:
1) 37 teams from schools all over Ohio participated in this tournment on Saturday. Mason placed 3rd overall. BT won 1st place in Anatomy & Physiology, 1st place in Bio-Process Lab, and 2nd place in Disease Detectives.

2) Part of BT's motivation, she confessed, is that she wanted to have good news ready for her Dad when he comes home from Beijing.

3) It was the first time I drove BT to the destination for SciOly tournament on my own without our official captain - her Dad. Thank goodness, I didn't transport her to the wrong place or anything. High five to me!

4) I didn't order food for the kids today, being fearful that I would mess up the timing or something to make them go hungry again. Besides, the cafeteria was serving not only pizza but also apples and bananas which looked a little healthier. Instead, I enjoyed a while grading the papers and clicking the timer for the operations of the kids at Simple Machines event - it was really fun!

5) You know what? BT surreptiously hid her medals inside of her blue team shirt during the group picture, I was SO surprised to see that! And she planted her feet at the side of the group despite the shouting from her peers letting her carry that gleaming object. I'm pleased with this little fact. And I know she is much better than her mom - who surely would have strided around with all those heavy, clinking stuff dangling from her neck with a humongous smile if she were BT at that time. :)

6) We were slurping noodles again on our way home, it has almost become our tradition. xD

Choose Positive

(Image Credit: quotesforest.com)

Have a good trip!

Enjoy Peking duck... while we're over here literally taking five days to eat one pot of chicken. (ahaha and save some food for us XD)
Sleep well and don't lose sleep over anything because dude EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY. Just relax and eat good food while you can. Make sure you have a good, plushy pillow for the plane ride.

Keep in your pocket the letter I wrote to you. Which, according to my mother, is a good luck charm BECAUSE YOU HAVE A FABULOUS DAUGHTER Again, everything turn out awesome(ly).

We miss you and are looking forward to your coming home :)

2015 Northmont Invitational

A Souvenir

BT brought home this adorable card yesterday; it makes us feel so warm.

First piece in our "2015 Treasure Box"!

Ways to use a Pomelo skin

(After the intestines have been removed and mercilessly devoured)

1. Make tea and drink to treat a cough.
2. Boil in water to extract oil, and massage oil into hair and scalp after shampooing to make hair shiny and smooth.
3. Make candied peel or marmalade and eat it.
4. Put in shoes for three days to fill shoes with a fragrant citrus smell :)
5. Use as a bowl or other storage receptacle.
6. Make a boat for your pet mouse.
7. Pick out the insides and use as a chewing exercise.
8. Carve a (dangerous and highly flammable) jack o lantern.
9. Make a super APPEALING fashion statement.
10. Chuck it at anyone who has the temerity to insult your fashion statement.

(Methods 9 and 10 have been proven effective.)

Happy New Year 2015

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