"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Spring: A Time of Rebirth!

For the stubborn old lady - wish her to climb out of the depression episode soon!

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Happy Belated Easter!

Here are the answers to my mother's paper! Of course I'm the only one who knows her best, who else? Duh!

Writing all those words on one of the eggshells verbatim, I was amazed at the unexpected capacity of the surface area of the shell. They look awesome, don't they?!

Fill in the Blank

My mother made this sheet. I guess she intended to give me a harmless test. But my father presented his answers at dinner today, leaving us rolling on the ground and choking on our food laughing. See what you can fill in the blank!

Good morning... Ouch..

Digging, patting and watering feverishly in the dim light of the yard lamp, as if I was afraid they would scamper away if I didn't tuck them in before night, I put all the flowers we got from the nursery to their beds before going to my own - good thing is, they were all quiet and very cooperative so my work proceeded relatively smoothly although not quite effortlessly. When I finally finished all my job and stood up, that was around 10 pm, a pair of painful, numb, heavy legs and dirty hands, and a touch of vertigo was what I got. Whew!

Ten hours later, the first thing I wanted, anxiously, to do was to greet them and see how they were doing.

Ah! Basking in the sunshine, Verbena, Snapdragons, Dusty Millers and BT's favorite Geraniums stare unblinkingly at me, quite complacently, in their new home.

A Load of Happiness

Spring is the only season when going to Lowe's is actually interesting. And also the only season when my mother goes outside and digs 68 holes in the ground. (Edit: during the late evening in the dark.) What about you? XD

Choose To Be Happy

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Sleepy Eyes

The earth stretches, yawns,
Opens sleepy eyes
To a white world.
She falters, disremembers
Under a blanket of snow.
To awaken, or to snooze?
That is the question.

The wind rustles her verdant hair,
Her face breaks into a smile
Upon a green world.
She ponders, remembers
Over a myriad of blossoms.
To awaken, or to snooze?
That is beyond question!!

Augustin Hadelich's Concerto

Before this expedition, I did some research; here's what I have learned.

Augustin Hadelich is a German classical violinist. He was born on April 4, 1984 in Cecina, Italy. He was the Gold medalist at the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis in 2006. Hadelich has also won an Avery Fisher Career Grant in 2009, a Borletti-Buitoni Trust Fellowship Award in 2011, and Lincoln Center's Martin E. Segal Award in 2012. Tonight he played Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64 by Mendelssohn on the 1723 "Ex-Kiesewetter" Stradivari violin.

Chief Conductor of the BBC Philharmonic in Manchester, Juanjo Mena is one of the Spain's most distinguished musical conductors.

Sitting in the enormous auditorium of the Cincinnati Music Hall was a truly breathtaking experience.

The conductor's fingertips quivered with such unbridled excitement, it was as if he couldn't contain himself. Even the very air itself trembled at the sound of every note.

The brilliant, silvery tone of solo violinist Augustin Hadelich sliced through the auditorium. Perched in the front row of the balcony, I peered at the stage through my crystal-clear binoculars, and wowie wow, it was almost like I was standing up there with them-- I could even read the music on the music stands! I was absolutely amazed at the great rapidity at which his fingers fluttered on the fingerboard while still attaining laser-exact intonation, and the perfect synchronization of his hands. The sautille was picking up speed so quickly, I didn't know it was possible for anyone to think that fast. Not a single sound out of place, his fingers flitted over the strings as if he were in a dream.

I wondered, how can I ever learn to play half as well? Why does my spiccato always sound so choppy? So many aspiring young musicians, yet why do so few ever earn the title of Maestro?

As one last boom came forth from the percussions and a hundred bows were flourished in the air, the entire audience rose and broke into a standing ovation. It was so real... it was almost surreal.

What a long day it had been! Whooshing through pinpricks of red and white lights toward home, it was a whopping 10:30 pm and my feet ached like crazy, but still, I was jubilant - a long, beautiful, musical day!

DUI :)

Today (before driving out to Cincinnati) eating this - my mother's signature concoction at dinner...

My father:
*takes a bite of pepper, gasps* If I eat too much *gasp* pepper and then I *blows nose* drive, does that count *gasp* as DUI?

*takes a bite of pepper* *gasps* *sputters* *drinks a cup of water* *drinks another cup of water* *gasps* To answer your question, I believe the answer lies in the affirmative.

Meanwhile, this whole time, my mother is unperturbed, peacefully eating her food like nothing happened. #mindblown

OMEA Solo and Ensemble 2014

When: April 12, 2014
Where: Clinton-Massie High School
What: OMEA Solo and Ensemble

It's an adjudicated event the district within the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) hosts to challenge musicians in a small group setting or as a soloist. Each event, whether a solo or an ensemble, is performed in front of an OMEA judge for a rating from 1 to 5, with 1 (superior) being the highest rating.

Here's what happened after BT finished her solo piece,

"Jenny, Come here.."

The judge called out, BT hesitated since she seemed nervous, bursts of laughter rose from the audience.

"You like that piece? I love that piece too, I've played it a thousand times. Listen, you played with a very high level of maturity. How long have you been playing? What? Only three years, wow...

"Now promise you won't stop playing, okay? You can get scholarships and get into a good college for that, you know... Keep playing that piece, people always want it at their weddings, and then people start paying you to play for them. *laughter*

"Promise me you will never stop playing, okay? Promise you will never stop playing. You have a rare talent... you know? You have a rare talent."

And a little "1" is what she earned. A great day!


As the mysteriously horrifying secret of missing MH370 still hiding at the bottom of the ocean, my cloud of depression continues to hover. I'm sure I don't have the guts to put her on the airplane again. Although I would fly myself anywhere, just like before, without blinking an eye as long as she stays on the ground. But NOT her.

What about our traditional summer adventurous vacation? Days ago I thought I perhaps got an idea and almost booked the tickets until I read this news today from CNN. Alas! Where to go?

H-E-L-L-O!! W-A-K-E U-PPPPP!!!

No matter how many times I have come to attend and whisper or frown and yell to this group of fellows here, they simply continue their hibernation and refuse to wake up - motionless, breathless and soundless, their limbs stay bare and desiccated, emaciated without any sign of wanting to answer my calls.

Daffodil's Finest Hour

When daffodils peep their heads
Out of the dark, musty earth,
And into the daylight
Where Spring has traversed,

When daffodils spread their leaves,
Spring's first pinpricks of color,
Kiss the morning sunshine,
That is the daffodils' finest hour.

Let It Go

My favorite song, I just can't let it go...

Happy Spring!!!

Reverie & Reflection

Logical Thinking and Evidence Reign

In "Logic to the Rescue" by Kris Langman, join an adventure with Nikki, a member of the high school debate team, through the Realm of Reason on an urgent mission to fight superstition and ignorance in the Realm.

Nikki's journey begins when she is taken through a magical portal into the Realm by two friendly imps, Athena and Fuzz. There, the three of them work to banish superstition and ignorance and to correct logical fallacies.

A logical fallacy is a flaw in reasoning. While debating, people may use logical fallacies to purposely distort their argument and their opponents' thinking, or people may unconsciously make logical errors. Each chapter in the book tells us of a new logical fallacy that appears in the Realm, and how Nikki and her imp friends battle it. In the chapter "Appeal to Authority", the king's most trusted advisor convinces the people that wearing mismatched socks will cure illness. Incredulous, Nikki refutes his claim by conducting a simple experiment. From dispelling superstition and "Counting the hits" at the Wishing Well to disproving unfounded theories at the Isle of Ignorance, Nikki and the imps are successful in promoting logical, evidence-based thinking throughout the Realm.

These are the eight different logical fallacies that we learn about in the book:

1. Appeal to authority - when people accept whatever authority says as true and do not question it, even if it is false.
2. Appeal to popularity - when people follow trends and treat popular opinion as ultimate authority.
3. Lack of evidence - when there is not enough evidence, or solid facts, to back up a reasoning or argument.
4. Ad hominem - when a person attacks an opponent's personal character and motives instead of their argument.
5. False dilemma - when a person presents only two options, when in fact there are more.
6. Straw man - when a person focuses on the least important or weakest point of an argument and ignores the strongest.
7. Counting the hits - when a person only notices data when it supports their opinion, but ignores it when it opposes their claim.
8. Post hoc - when a person mistakes correlation for causation; just because one event occurred before a second event, it is incorrectly assumed that it caused the second event.

Logical fallacies are important and useful to learn, especially for debaters when countering a faulty argument. For example, if an opponent's argument or point commits a logical fallacy, one can point it out and remove the argument from the debate altogether, thereby strengthening his/her own argument.

This book informs readers about the above eight common logical fallacies in a fun, exciting way. It used short stories to provide examples of how we can banish fallacies and use logical thinking. I had a great time reading it -- it was intriguing and entertaining, yet at the same time informative.

Greensleeves by Mozart

After many early-rise-long-drive and waiting-whooping-thrilling super-intense-crazy Saturdays, this beautiful guitar piece and a cup of hot glorious mud is really what a dizzy MT needs for now...

Go States!

When: March 8, 2014
Where: Columbus State Community College
What: The Ohio MATHCOUNTS competition.
MMS team got 1st place!!!!

BT was one of the top 4 students who got the highest accumulated scores of weekly tests from August to February at school, earning the position of being part of the MMS Mathcounts team going for Regional and States Competition. Hu...hhhhu...zzzzzaaaahh! (Sorry, MT's voice is terribly hoarse from the shouting of excitement all these weeks :))

Huzzah!! Triumphant!!!

Saturday again. March 1st. UC Blue Ash College. It's the Cincinnati Science Olympiad Regional Tournament. I ended up whooping and hollering myself hoarse for B the T (I know some other parents there looked very cool and calm). After weeks of excruciating studying, she got TWO GOLD medals: one for 1st place in Heredity and one for 1st place in WQ, plus a 4th place in Disease Detectives. The MMS team also came in second place overall. Huzzah!!!!!!!!!

Water + ? + Straw + ? = ?

A clandestine experiment BT was conducting last week, guess what it was...

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