"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


2014 Cincinnati Chapter

Oh dear Zimmer Hall, I am so glad to see you again! In chapter competition at UC this year, BT finished 6th place out of over 370 students from 40 schools and awarded as a member of 1st place team, among the top who will go states and is one of the four who has earned UC engineering camp scholarship.

MT is SO pleased with her accomplishment, especially taking into consideration that she basically spent all her time on many subjects in science recently and didn't have time for math. Great job, honey!!!

High Five!

The school news reached me this morning with the above information.

Yay! You make me so proud!!!

It was the 2nd time BT participated in Science Olympiad competition, it was on February 15 at Northmont Middle School in Dayton.

There was a series of dramatic and disturbing incidents and plottings from her team which kept racking my nerves. But you know what? Fearlessly, she made it after all!! A gold medal for 1st place in heredity!!!

Art Speaks

An empty food barrel, a set of bony hands, an emaciated African boy wearing such a wistful gaze... BT was trying to raise social awareness by letting her charcoal drawing speak itself.

Do you hear it?

(The original photograph was purchased at corbisimages.com)

Red Hot Valentine

Alan, surreptitiously, put that bunch of red roses on the table for me. Wondered how he could possibly have had time to commit it when he was immersed in endless meetings all day long.

Ever heard of that HOT "H and W Lung"? Doesn't it sound eerie and creepy? And that was what I, audaciously, put on the table later that day.

How was your V-Day?

A Jolly Little Cat

There once was a jolly little cat,
And a jolly little cat was he.
He skipped along, singing a funny song,
Waving his tail at me!

First gif file created by B the T.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Look at what I have done!! Don't they look so lovely?!!

From online I got this recipe last week - some people call it "Mochi". It took me about 55 minutes to devise, develop and conjure up all those glutinous, plump little guys during lunchtime today, and they turned out to be perfect for visual effect, gustatory perception and olfactory senses! Hee hee...

Guess what I'm thinking now... I'm imagining the moment when BT comes home after school this afternoon - a puckish, wild smooch and a gargantuan, wild grin will be carried out just like THAT!!

(Credit for the cheetah photo: nydailynews.com)


Another several hundred dolphins were slaughtered last week by Japanese fishermen in Japan's infamous Taiji Cove where they hunt and kill dolphins every year.

This is the most horrific, barbarian thing I have heard people do in a long time. For such innocent, beautiful, priceless, intelligent creatures as them to be killed by the hundreds breaks my heart. Animals are sentient creatures, and they have just as much a right to live on this planet as we humans do.


The link is the news article where I read this.

Love's Sorrow

Joshua Bell's playing here (with video which allows BT to observe his strokes) is one of the best recordings of this piece we could find online. I also like Perlman's and Takako Nishizakii's interpretation. Anne Akiko Meyers's version sounds beautiful too with an extra touch of melancholy - her slow glidings and changes of some notes for special effect are quite different, but I guess it's not for student players to follow.

Wait a second... is our teacher going to approve this one for BT's learning?

Science Olympiad Invitational 2014

It was such a loooooonnnooogggggg day, and full of bad news and good news!

Bad news: We had to get up at 5:30am on Saturday morning while the weekend is usually sacrosanct for relaxation.
Good news: It's BT's FIRST time participation in Science Olympiad tournament, which was held at Wright State University in Dayton - imagine how excited she was!

Bad news: Uh-oh!! BT forgot to wear the blue team shirt which was designed by her for her team!
Good news: We thought we wouldn't be able to arrive on time at 7:15am, but we did it!

Bad news: BT was actually having a cold and didn't feel quite well. Poor BT! MT wasn't exactly jubilant watching her getting up that early in the morning and in sequences of tests.
Good news: On the stage, BT appeared twice for the awards as 5th place in Heredity and 6th place in Water Quality with her team partner! And she is the only 7th grade student in Mason Middle School who got awarded (all other winners were 8th grade students)!! Yeeha BT!!!

Additional Facts:
1) Middle school and high school teams from over 11 states competed in the tournament, including Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, etc.
2) Superstition was with BT; she was wearing her favorite pink cheetah jacket and writing "13" on her hand again.

Drink your Goji berry tea!

Paint a Flower!

The desolate winter landscape is decorated with no bright blooms, alas, save the frost-flowers. So I decided to conjure one up myself..

And that's what I did.

Happy Puzzling!!

BT and I were puzzling over it, excruciatingly, on New Years Eve. Geez! Does it portend an enigmatic year ahead of us??!!

Good news is, we figured it out after a torturous moment, ha ha!
Happy puzzling!!

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