"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Bloody Grins

Bloody grins and pointy black hats
Fuzzy arachnids and sleek black cats
Warts on noses, prickly roses
Rustling leaves and scuttling rats

Silent screams and red paint stains
unblinking squashes gonna chew your brains
Hirsute faces, pillowcases
What happens if it ... starts to rain!?

Have you forgotten?

Watch them peek out
First breaths of fresh air
Hear them giggle

Watch them burst
With life and joy
Hear them rustle

Watch them metamorphose
Gleaming crimson gowns
Hear them fluttering

Watch them blaze
Last sparks of vitality
Hear their voices chant

Watch them shimmer
Then float gracefully down
Hear them sigh

Watch their last flames flicker out
Isn't it too early
To be raked and discarded?
Last breaths linger
Gold vestiges erased, barren
Hear them moan
Have you forgotten?

Have you gotten your flu shot yet?

Look, BT was showing great intrepidity when she rolled up her sleeve (afterward :).

It's like a ritual, we follow it every fall. How about you? Have you gotten your flu shot yet? I know, the prickling sensation is not most enjoyable, and it's not 100% effective, but it is perhaps still the best course of prevention.

Get your flu shot today!

Some information from website online,

BT's Meiosis Lecture

Click on the image to listen to her lecture on meiosis which she learned from her biology study.

Her contralto voice and the way she elaborates her presentation here sound sweet, mature and professional. Wuv it!! Five stars!!


Looking at that photo on the fireplace mantle - a chubby, starry-eyed little girl in yellow dress sitting on the stairs, I was lost in retrospect...

Growing is a journey of experiencing a series of metamorphoses; and now it seems she has started another leap of transformation. With her same-height-as-mine stature, and her subtle changes in behavior, sounds-different lexicon and diction, I was bemused to hug the fact of that unthinking, boisterous little girl has entirely transmogrified, not only physically but mentally and psychologically as well, into someone I'm trying to fully understand.

As a mom, I'm supposed to grow with her. "The moment a child is born, the mother is also born." But how come I feel I'm growing slower than her? When will I finish my own metamorphosis? When can I be transformed into an experienced super mom so that I can decode all enigmas of her mind?

Set Your Goal

"If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else." ~Lawrence J. Peter

Happy B'Day Dad!

A Butterfly's Lesson

Leaving the "butterfly" to struggle, sure, I have to agree. All alone by herself?? Oh, no.

How about hovering around, watching and listening closely, whispering to her advice when she needs it, shouting "Hurrah!" for her progress and offering a shoulder if she needs to cry?

Out of the Pickle!

Somehow I managed to wriggle out of this pickle. When you're sitting on a fence, you've got to get off some time or other. I've jumped headfirst and made a decision!!

After a vast quandary: tossing, turning, and pulling my hair, I decided to try something new, something exciting. This is the adventurous Sagittarius side of me showing again. Writing is my passion, and besides, I think I need to sharpen my pencil a little more. Even if the worst possible outcome occurs, I'll just clench my teeth and stare in the face of whatever happens. The only thing I'd have to lose would be a few competitions and a picture in the yearbook. No big deal. I'll brave it, I'll be fine.

The big game's tomorrow. Too the bad the duh duh duh! Let me relax some by playing a little bit of this (MT's favorite part)...

This text will be replaced by the flash music player.

Violin Hickey?

It's a reddish mark. It feels rough.

Looking at her neck, arterial spasms with a plethora of questions surged through me. Searches online. Analyses performed. Trips to violin shop. Orders placed.

Here's what we have gotten,

For some, it is a mark of pride, a badge of honor indicating membership in the secret society of V. But does it always have to come with the dulcet sound from playing violin as a whole package? Can we erase the badge after all?

Mathcounts...Yaaay!!! But...

September 16th was MathCounts tryouts at school. Pretty much what that means is that an army of surefooted 8th graders and scores of blindly optimistic 7th graders trooped into the large commons after school on Monday to take a test. And it was complete torture. I mean, people skipped into the commons smiling and joking and elbowing each other, and 30 minutes later shuffled out looking all grouchy and screaming Bloody Murder.

Well, the result turned out to be not as bad as I thought, at least for me, definitely my lucky number written on my hand has once again worked its magic for me!! Guess what? I was the only 7th grade girl who got in!! Yaaay!!!!!!!

BUT wait a second... what??!!!! Power of the Pen (POP), another team at Middle School which is for creative writing, also meets on Mondays?! But that's when the MathCounts team meets also!!

Oh, POP, I really really want to be a part of you, really heart-aching bad!! But what about MathCounts? I have earned the precious opportunity by competing so ferociously with those 8th graders!!

ALSO. POP tryouts are on September 30th. And the MathCounts coach said that if we decide not to participate in MathCounts, we have to tell her before the 30th. Which means if I want to tryout for POP I have to give up my position in Mathcounts. Oh... What a grim dilemma I'm in!!! Are the coaches of the two teams fighting each other or something??!! Sigh... I am not in an enviable situation, I'm in a pickle.

What should I do??!!!!!

SO... Hooray!!!!!

Science Olympiad has been one of BT's dream teams in Middle School. And today, quite nervously, I got to see the results from the tryout that took place last Friday.

I felt it was one of the most fierce tryouts she has ever experienced. From being given the study guide to the day of the test there was only one week. I became kind of morose when I realized that 7th graders would compete with 8th graders in the same tryout and there would only be 30 students selected for the team altogether, and given the condition that all 8th graders who are interested in this team have been preparing on the related content since last year.

Anyway, guess what? My glorious B the T, she did it!!! It's really good to be alive, you get to see, support, scream and shout for every achievement of your little darling!!! Hooray!!!!!

Even 12 years later, looking at the rushing waters in the fountain and seeing the names engraved in the stone at ground zero, viewing those heart-wrenching images of what happened on that day, I still feel the pain for those who lost their loved ones.

A little writing deep from my heart, I wanted to pay my tribute to those innocent souls who have been deprived of their lives cruelly on that day, wish them rest in peace. And to all of us who are still luckily alive as well, let's treasure what we have today, treasure each day as if it is the last one, and every little moment of our happiness. It's good to be alive.

Buzz Buzz...

Steeped in entomology, heredity and other subjects in science like crazy, BT overtly has metamorphosed into something else, something with compound eyes and antennae... for a clandestine task. Guess what it is? I'm not going to tell ya right now as we are in the same coterie and I'm her staunch adherent and confederate!

Look at those facts we were arduously chewing on, quite buggy huh, aren't they?
Buzz buzz...

(Information gathered from www.scioly.org)
Order Name Nickname Characteristics
Coleoptera Beetles FW horny or leathery, FWs meet in straight line on back, HW membranous and are usually longer than FW, wings rarely absent or reduced, antennae usually with 8 to 11 segments, antennae variable in form
Diptera True flies One pair of membranous wings, have knoblike projections called haltares
Ephemeroptera Mayflies Distinguished easily by their two large, triangular wings
Homoptera Cicadas Beak short and rising at back of head (different from Hemiptera), wings held rooflike over body, tarsi 1- to 3-segmented, antennae sometimes short and bristlike or sometimes long and threadlike
Hymenoptera Bees, Ants, Wasps Wings are sometimes present, FW a little larger than HW, antennae usually fairly long
Lepidoptera Moths & Butterflies 4 membranous wings, usually have proboscis in form of coiled tube, wings covered in scales
Mecoptera Scorpianflies Slender, soft bodies; long legs and elongated, snout like heads
Neuroptera Dobsonflies, lacewings, antlions FW and HW almost same size, four membranous wings, wings held rooflike over body at rest, wings with many veins, antennae long, cerci absent, mouthparts chewing
Odanata Dragonflies & damselflies Two pairs of elongate membranous wings, compound eyes large, abdomen long and slender, antennae very short
Orthoptera Grasshoppers & crickets Usually 2 pairs of wings, antennae many-segmented, cerci present, has ovipositor, FW is long, narrow, and many veined
Plecoptera Stoneflies 4 membranous wings, elongate, flattened, cerci present, long antennae, mouthparts chewing
Trichoptera Caddisflies Shaped or colored like certain moths, antennae long and threadlike, antennae usually long as body or longer, HW a little shorter than FW

Mozart Concerto No.3

Conductor: James Levine
Violinist: Itzhak Perlman

Do I really need to comment about it?
I just know it is another piece that will forever resound in my memory...

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