"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Home Alone

Little ones, please behave yourselves
During the days we're away,
We're going across the country,
But unfortunately, you must stay.

Because apparently, you can only
Take 3 ounces of liquid on a flight,
Which may pose a slight impediment
And your transportation would be a plight.

Of course, we'll miss you dearly,
But soon, we will be home.
Until then, be good little fishies
While staying home alone.

(Above, my two schools of fish! Left is the Middle School, and right is the High School. From left to right, their names are Bluey, Goldey, Peppermint, Tangerine, Clementine, and Carrot. Aren't they CUTE??!! We've given them a trusty automatic feeder to take care of them while we're away... just hope it'll work well and not act up on us! Cross your fingers (and fins) tight...)

Ready... Set... San DieGO!!!

It's summer. Isn't it? Summer means exploring and idle... I mean idyll to me!!! And guess which direction we are going this time... Southwest!! See how excited Penny is!

San Diego Song
(I wrote the lyrics to the tune of the Cup Song in Pitch Perfect.)

We've got our tickets for San Diego,
Three packs of chewing gum for the way,
We'll be tugging our suitcases through the airport
And we're leaving in two days, Monday.

When we're there,
When we're there,
We're going to SeaWorld and the zoo when we're there,
At the beach we'll collect seashells
We'll be feeling the ocean swell, oh
We'll have a great time when we're there!

We've got our tickets for San Diego,
An idyllic, sunshiny retreat,
America's Finest City, it's bound to be quite pretty,
We'll be soaking up the golden summer heat!

Now that's enough of my little blurb... Here's the scoop on some fun facts about our sunny destination!

1) How did San Diego get its name? San Diego means "Saint James" in Spanish, and Saint James was one of Jesus' first disciples.

2) San Diego is the second largest city in California and the eight largest city in USA, with approximately 2.9 million residents. That's almost 94 times Mason's population, which is a meager 31,000!

3) The town has long been inhabited by native people, but the first European to set foot here was the Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who sailed into San Diego Bay in 1542.

4) San Diego's city flower is the carnation. And guess what? Ohio's state flower is the scarlet carnation too!

5) San Diego Zoo is the home of four giant pandas, and recently welcomed the youngest one, Xiao Liwu, born on July 29, 2012. Yay!

6) San Diego enjoys beautiful weather throughout the year with an average daily temperature of 70.5 degrees Fahrenheit (21.4 degrees Celsius).

7) San Diego is a major tourist destination. There are many world class attractions such as the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Balboa Park, and SeaWorld San Diego. There are also at least 15 museums, about 6,400 restaurants, 92 golf courses and a host of multicultural festivals and celebrations.

8) San Diego has 70 miles of quaint and picturesque beaches. It covers roughly 8 square miles and contains about 300 million cubic yards of water. 9) San Diego County has the most farms in the U.S. and also produces the largest amount of avocados of any region in the country. ^-^

10) San Diego has existed under three governments: New Spain (1769-1821), Mexico (1821-1848), and the United States (1848-present).

11) San Diego's culture has been heavily influenced by American and Mexican culture because of its being a border city, sharing a border with Mexico.

Tennis Tuesday

Today is Tuesday. Tennis Tuesday, yay! Tennis is practically just a sport of hitting fluffy green balls with racquets, ricocheting and BONKing off of windows, running back and forth to swipe and smack the fluffy green balls. Only right now, the fluffy green balls are a little evasive. Hrumph, little guys, you'd better watch out, because eventually I'm going to whack and clobber and clout and wallop you mercilessly, ah ah ah ah ah!

(Above, my coach Rob and me at the Court Yard Sportsplex.)

Science Discovery Camp 2013

YAY! This week, BT is escaping (from MT) to Science Discovery Camp at Royalmont Academy! BT is taking Phun with Physical Science (which includes chemistry and physics). Here is BT and her friends waiting excitedly in the gym on Day 1. The guy in the middle is Dave, the president of the camp. And bottom right, look what BT brought home today! The squishy, slooshy slime and giant foam cap we made with chemical reaction! Don't they look so cool?

What Memories am I Giving?

This is the book I downloaded today and I found that I couldn't stop reading it - for BT, for her dad and also for myself. It's a book not only for fathers.

The touching, heartwarming and inspiring stories of invaluable life lessons keep reminding me how crucial a role a parent can play in the lives of their children.

What memories am I giving her to influence her growth? What stories will she remember from me that would change her life?

A Toothy Smile

Guess where I got this alligator? I conjured it out of thin air all by myself! A virtuosity I learned by myself online, heehee! Daddy gave me a toothy smile! BTW Daddy, could you color the card yourself? :)

Air Travel A to G

Summer means vacation, travel and beach, palm trees... all that feverishly hot stuff, but the air ride is not that sunny and balmy, especially the long distance.

How do we cope with the air travel? Here's my secret formula, derived from my good and bad experiences and lessons learned-in-a-hard-way,

. Aisle seat is the best - easy access to the precious limited exercising space.
. Bring chewing gum and entertainment. Chewing gum on the plane helps reduce the discomfort due to air pressure fluctuations; it perhaps also makes you look cooler. iPad mini or iBlabla is a must.
. Close your eyes, lean back and rest as much as possible. This helps you in overcoming the jet lag.
. Drink lots of water (only water, other beverages are not good for your teeth) to stay hydrated and maintain your energy.
. Eat more fruits and veggies. This task has to be done before you leave home and at the airport. The food options on the plane are cruelly limited.
. Free your mind and your body, especially your toes.
. Get up and move around - take full use of that narrow aisle and walk as much as possible with ostensible reasons.

Have a good flight!

Concerto in G Major by Haydn


This word bumped up against me, quite unexpectedly, and gave me a jolt - I felt the urge to learn and acquire information about it.

My prayers are with those who are suffering and are having the surgeries, wish them all the best and get the recovery soon.

Thanks BT for this beautiful drawing above.

School is Out!

My classmates have been replaced by these thorny pink roses... I'll be stuck with them, and of course MT, for the whole summer...


Happy June 1st!

Riding on the Wind

With a whoop and a whoosh,
I am soaring.
With a swoop and a swoosh,
The wind is roaring.
With a sweep and a lurch,
I am flying.
With a leap and swerve,
On the wind I am riding.

A Bird on a Wire

I feel like a bird on a wire,
And so, may I inquire,
Why do birds stand
In a manner most grand
All lined up on the telephone wire?

I feel like a bird on a wire,
Though profusely, I perspire,
And birds don't fall
Or stumble or sprawl
Or tire in quagmire like me.

My Adventures in the Air

Ready, set, climb!

Er mer gerd THIS IS SO SCARY!

Just keep swimming, don't look down.

YAY!!! Leap leap leap...

I'm almost there! The finish line is in sight!



THANK YOU BUDDY! *Gasps desperately for air*


Toasted Clouds

Little clouds, white and puffy
Little clouds, light and fluffy
Toasted clouds, hard and crunchy
But melt in your mouth, soft and spongy.

Thanks Daddy! For volunteering with school, being a life guard for BT and all the wonderful Camp Joy pictures!

2013 Kiwanis Students of the Year

A plaque she received on May 16. Congrats, B the T!! I'm so proud of you!

A Celestial Creature

Shhhhhh...Look! Look what I have found! A celestial creature from heaven!!! And she is right there so close in our life!!!

From a distance, I observe her, watch her quietly... Quite poised, she looks very patient and peaceful. She is working on her subject diligently and very modestly.

Regularly, I come to visit her, with a thumping heart... I find I have desperately fallen in love with this creature!!!

I gaze upon her physiognomy, and you know what, she gazes back in my eyes like she is talking to me!! Do you think she might actually love me as well, in return???

Spring Orchestra Concert @ School

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Guess what happened Wednesday!

We played sheet music this time, including Old MacFiddle, Happy Blues, La Rejouissance (a "challenge" piece for students taking private lessons), and Bile 'Em Cabbages Down. My favorite part was Bile 'Em Cabbages down, which was like a fiddling song, because it sounded so COOL with the basses doing this thing called slap-bass, where they pluck the string and then slap the instrument. It sounded so AWESOME!!!! :D

Four Romantic Pieces

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