"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Hark! Hear the morning!

Hark! Hear the morning!
Hear the daffy-down-dillies kiss
As they push out of the ground
And pucker their orange lips.

Hark! Hear the morning!
Hear the morning doves croon.
The robins and cardinals warble
A mellifluous tune.

Hark! Hear the morning!
Hear the flower buds break free
Bursting in yellows, pinks, and purples
Chanting verses merrily.

Hark! Hear the morning!
Hear the green grasses grow.
Covered with beads of dew.
They sway in the wind and greet hello.

Hark! Hear the morning!
Hear the world jointly sing
As it wakes up and stretches
For the arrival of spring!


"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." - Khalil Gibran

A wry smile on her face, BT was reading this message from you-know-who in her email on the iPad. She knew "light" stands for the personalities, characters and knowledge; and she knew what she is expected to do.

It's you again!

Long time, no see! It's you again!
I've seen you some time before.
I recognize your figure
And your ferocious roar.
You do feel heavier each year,
And on my back, we both cry,
"Hello! It is you again!
How are you? Goodbye!"

The King I am

Hark! The King I am,
Almighty and noble.
Admire my black and white
Elegant royal tuxedo.
Beak in the air,
Don't say I'm overblown.
With stoicalness and poise,
I perch upon my icy throne.

Can you see me?

Stealthily I clamber
Along the twig of this plant.
You say you can see me?
I'm pretty sure you can't.

Kitaro: Thinking of You

A Chattering Rainbow

Dazzling purples, reds, and greens
Perch in a row.
Atop a branch in the air
Sits a chattering rainbow.

Life is Good

Life would be good
If only you could
Live as insouciant and carefree as me.
Lie down right here,
Bask in the soporific air,
And partake in my jubilee.

Hermit Crab

The once lived a jolly hermit crab
With pincers great and pincers wee.
Life must be easy in the life of a crab
And I'm sure he would agree.
Retracted into a pilfered shell,
Two beady eyes on stalks
He is satisfied in the way that he dwells
Camouflaged into the rocks.
Busying himself with a most urgent mission,
He neatly perforates a carrot.
Munching with celerity and ambition,
He savors his scrumptious salad.

Learning to Love

Suddenly I realized I am actually not good at cooking - that's horrible! Although sometimes BT yelled out loud "yay" and "wow" when I placed plates on the table for her, but the species of the items are lamentably limited. Not quite sure about the whats, and hows of improving my culinary skills, but I'm determined to change this fact!

Look at what an experiment I was conducting in the kitchen today! The most sticky part is the dough - secretly I whispered many endearments to her and waited patiently.. but still, reluctantly she was not very happy to grow...

So this is what I have got after two hours of conscientious effort and fun. Do they look handsome enough? BT gave me seven and half stars for the look and taste of them, not bad, I take that as a compliment. Yay!

Cooking is not just about sustenance, it is an act of love. And ambitiously, MT is learning to love the special ones in her life better!

SSA or Not??

. Math class more interesting and challenging
. Less boredom in Math class
. More competition and excitement
. If everyone else is doing it and so are you, then you won't feel left out

. May have transportation
. Absolutely no social life if SSA students are distributed to different 8th grade classrooms
. Homeroom is not honors math: no friends unless friends in SSA as well
. During math class with all 8th graders, might be detrimental
. You could possibly miss out on stuff like Poetry Slams last year while you are having math in another building
. Even in math class you aren't with your friends!!! Oh, my!
. Other people in your homeroom aren't SSA students, so they look at you like you're crazy when you leave for Math in the morning and they ask you where the heck you are going.
. Too much competition?
. The Math class may dismiss you late, or you get caught in traffic, and then you miss parts of other classes

Single Subject Acceleration, BT was offered this by her teacher at school since 3rd grade. But she said "No, thanks" due to many reasons. These days I feel I'm forced to ruminate on this subject again as she took the test days ago. Keeping her where she is most comfortable is what I believe is the most important. But what if she has a high score of the test and she wants to go? Am I going to hold her back or let her decide again? What's the best decision for her??!!

A Mysterious Grin

Have you ever savoured this,
That's when the charm begins.
Your ears taste the sweetness,
Your tongue hears a violin.
Your fingers feel the pitches,
Your heart touches to sing.
A melody in the royal palace
with princess, queen and king.
An angel is watching nearby,
He gives a mysterious grin :)

The Magic

Delicious to the ears,
Dulcet to the tongue.
Musician does the magic,
Tiger fiddles a song.


Many people consider orchids a felicitous addition to their homes. The exquisite flower has an exotic and elegant appearance. Orchids were first introduced to the world about 120 million years ago, during the age of the dinosaurs, and are still flourishing on every continent except Antarctica. The resilience of the orchid can be shown by the fact that it has lived on for such a long time, while evolution has led to the disappearance of many other creatures. The Orchidaceae family of plants is very diverse. One species of orchid, known as Rhizanthella Gardneri, or Western Underground Orchid, actually grows in a completely subterranean environment. Unable to derive energy from the sun, the orchid is instead parasitic, depending on the broom honey myrtle, a shrub, for nutrients.

Our orchids are blooming again this year! Hooray! B the T is learning to write informational text. :) Tuh hee. Ah B the T ah tuh the hee ah guil the ty ah hoo.

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