"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Oh, my great grandhusmotherband!

"Mama, I am your... great grandhusmotherband!"
With that expression, like a purring kitten, on her face, she enunciated this statement to me one day. What a sophisticated but lovely euphemism for me to call her, considering our most intensive MT-BT relationship. I don't know why, but I love love all the jargons and appellations she created, they sound just sweet. Oh, that cute, seraphic visage, just can't get enough of it!!

Perhaps Carol's tomatoes are really magical, they work like a form of antidote to my cravings for sweets; suddenly I stopped my indulgence on ice cream consuming last weekend. Rather than gobbling on cups of sugary stuff, I was counting my blessings... my great grandhusmotherband; my great grandhusmotherband's dad; my running pal who is my great grandhusmotherband's friend's mom, who cheerfully joins me running in the morning; my plethora of good stuff in life... and also, my great grandhusmotherband's school day turned out to be good, especially that her energy for math class doesn't dwindle because of the time of the class...

"I have no reason to be addicted to ice cream", I concluded, "I have sufficient sweetness in my life." Duh.

Soak up the Sun

This song by Sheryl Crow is one of the songs BT and I are both feverish about. We're going to sing together this weekend.

My friend the communist
Holds meetings in his RV
I can't afford his gas
So I'm stuck here watching TV

I don't have digital
I don't have diddly squat
It's not having what you want
It's wanting what you've got

I'm gonna soak up the sun
I'm gonna tell everyone
To lighten up (I'm gonna tell 'em that)
I've got no one to blame
For every time I feel lame
I'm looking up
I'm gonna soak up the sun

I've got a crummy job
It don't pay near enough
To buy the things it takes
To win me some of your love
I'm gonna soak up the sun
I'm gonna tell everyone
To lighten up (I'm gonna tell 'em that)

I'm gonna soak up the sun
While it's still free
I'm gonna soak up the sun
Before it goes out on me

Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream

Don't ask me how on earth I managed to survive the first five days of middle school. I'm not so sure if I did. Mwahaha to this morbid tale.

If I had to compare seventh grade so far to a food, it would be black raspberry chip ice cream. Middle School is really cool; but there are some parts that I like and some that I'm not so sure about at the same time.

First and foremost, one thing that really stood out to me is that the desks are miniscule. In both math and social studies class, my desk is the kind with the desk and chair attached. The desk is only about 2 feet by 1 foot. And there's no space inside the desks to put your stuff, so guess what, you have to put them on the floor. And people in the class are probably going to stampede right on them, leaving a gigantic, muddy footprint right on your folder. Great. What a beautiful watermark.

Also, I am not exactly in love with our school hallways, either. To say they're crowded is a severe understatement. All these people are jam-packed together like sardines. And the people opening their lockers on either side of the hallway and taking up about three feet of space doesn't exactly help, either. Plus those jocks who think they're so cool have to greet everybody they know with an elbow in the ribs and a booming "HEY DOOD, WAZZUP?!" Which causes everybody else to go flying into the walls and lockers. What's up? The floor. Totally.

Math class is my favorite class at school!!! It's last period for every school day. The best one is the last one, at least for me this year, like a finale. Speaking of this last class, guess what? MT was completely freaking out over this fact. She was worrying inordinately that I would be too exhausted to have my math at the end of the day, and over this she wasted so much Kleenex drenched with tears. Oh, how silly. She has no idea how ebullient I am in math class.

Mr. Shaffer is cooler than an ice cube; he's probably the best math teacher I've ever had, no joke! He starts off each math class with a Bad Joke of the day. Like "Why should math students wear glasses or contacts? It helps with 'da' vision." (Division) hahaha... :D and then he gives us a few warmup problems. After that, we go over our last night's homework and he plunges into today's lesson. So far we've learned about matrices: adding, subtracting, multiplying, and solving equations with them. It's pretty intriguing. Mr. Shaffer is a phenomenal teacher in so many ways: for one, he has a really professional teaching style. He speaks really slowly and clearly, and his lessons are so lucid that we understand absolutely everything he's telling us about. And he seriously looks like he just popped out of an online educational movie! His lessons are just so clear and transparent; I was wondering how he could make even the most complicated math problems look that easy!

There are three other 7th graders in my math class, all the other students are 8th graders. The first day of math class, with fear and apprehension, the four of us shuffled into the room like four cowardly lions. All the other students were staring holes through us, as if we came from Mars.

They're not just tomatoes...

My running pal, BT's friend Jessica's mom, gave me a bag of these this morning - she wanted to share with me her joy of vegetable garden harvest she had in her backyard. I was dumbfounded with the surprise!

Have I mentioned Carol before? An energetic, warm-hearted lady, a resolute runner. We've been running together in the gym since last fall, she joins me 3 times a week.

I thought I would be eating my ice cream today. That's my comfort food. Peculiarly, I've been craving ice cream so much recently. As a health freak, this fact horrified me. But I feel every cell in my body is hungry for it. They are screaming. They are struggling. They are sobbing. For the sensation of sweetness. For the certain and genuine taste of sweetness. Vanilla , Chocolate, butter pecan and strawberry, they are all my favorite flavors and I inhaled them indulgently. I guess I have eaten more than the total amount of ice cream I had consumed in my whole life. Too bad or good, who knows?

I thought I would be eating my ice cream today. I won't. Instead, I'll be eating the most beautiful, fresh, juicy, healthy and sweet tomatoes.

Thank you Carol, you have made my day.

Just For U, B the T :)

Being a mom must be cheerful, that's one of the things I have learned since I became a mom. It's like part of a job description. No matter what your true feelings are, no matter how many tasks you have to perform that day, you must be or must pretend to be very happy with your child and always put her needs your top priority. Following this rule is of paramount inportance, because it will decide whether your child's day (and yours) will be a heaven or a hell.

To BT, middle school sounded a little intimidating. She was somewhat apprehensive, fretting about the coming of school day. I didn't know how to help, just making her laugh by telling her my fabricated fictional gibberish, sometimes in Mandarin.

Reciting the tale I made up for her days ago with a big smile on her face this morning, she assigned me the work - writing it down before she comes back from school.

This is it.

7th Grade Day 1

7th grade started today!
3 Things are conspicuously different this year,
1) Start from today, BT goes to middle school!
2) BT has to get up before 6:00 in the morning for school. Me, 5:30, how miserable it is to the one who used to be the night owl. But I have made up my mind, resolutely, to transform myself into an early bird together with BT!!
3) The bus stop is now significantly farther away from our house.

Life Lessons

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." -- Marilyn Monroe

Dramatic incidents, quite peculiarly (or not), occurred in my life recently. My chum passed away oddly, I crashed my car in an accident, BT's school schedule (all about math class) kept me awake at night ...
Life lessons, I should never stop learning.

My Buddies!

Meeting my buddies, believe it or not, is part of my preparation of going back to school!! Because I feel strongly we must see each other in case we forgot what we look like during the summer, it's a stratagem for memory refreshment, isn't it?

Taylor has been one of my besties since kindergarten! She is so sweet and an artist who seems to be eternally clutching a marker and sketchbook. She's got a severe aptitude for art, magicking masterpieces from her wand which she calls a pencil. I remember the two of us playing on the playground in kindergarten, stirring up unusual food concoctions (and daring each other to taste them) at lunch in third grade, and drawing pictures together in sixth grade. When we hugged each other, it was a tight "painful" hug, see how intense our friendship is. :)

Her name is Jessica, my old buddy since first grade. She's hilarious, gregarious, fun-loving, and artistic. Five years ago, she moved to Arizona with her family. We were tearfully separated then and kept writing to each other since. Guess what? She moved back to Mason two years ago, what a miracle! Our friendship has passed a long distance trial!

Emily, oh Emily, is a real Renaissance girl! We met in 5th grade. She's a tennis player, dancer, Mathcounts Comrade with me last year, and plays piano and cello. We'll be side by side for language art, math and music class in 7th grade. I can't wait for Orchestra at school; the sounds of my violin and her cello will be euphonically melded together!

Rainbow sprinkles to all my buddies, and huzzah for the start of school!!

Let Flowers Bloom!

(BT's work)

(MT's work)

Mason Speak Week 2013

When: July 29 to Aug 2 Where: Mason High School What: Mason Speak Week

BT was on Oratory track in level II which is for students in grades 7-10; she was one of the youngest in her group.

See, that voluminous XL Hershey's was her "trophy" she earned yesterday, isn't it handsome and sweet?!!!!

(Look at her smiling in her favorite "Speech Dress" which was looted from MT's wardrobe.)

David Garrett - Csardas Hungarian Dance

Brilliant!!! BT and I were blown away by his energetic playing and casual style on the stage!! And look at him playing while walking into the audience! Is he going to have a concert in Cincinnati??!!

2013 Summer Vacation

(The two images in the middle of the photograph above were from the museum.)

Mama, you're my bridge!

Tumble and climb
On padded paws,
Munch green shoots
With toothy jaws.
Slumber and snooze
In black and white fluff,
Clamber and climb
Filled with panda stuff!
Mama is sleeping,
Crawled into a niche.
Baby ponders...
Mama, you're my bridge!

Lemur Tail

My legs are getting furry,
My nose is turning black,
Am I hallucinating, or is this
Some gray fuzz upon my back?

Flowers are looking tasty,
And tamarinds sound good,
I have a sudden urge to climb
Not unlike how a lemur would.

My feet are looking like my hands,
My face is turning pale.
I'm undergoing a metamorphosis...
Aaah! I've sprouted a tail!

Rip Van Winkle

Rip Van Winkle has a shaggy long beard
That reaches way down to his toes.
He wraps it about his trunk like a coat
Because he wears no clothes.

I must have taken ages to grow such whiskers,
And how, I will stop to wonder.
For though he flaunts his beard with great panache,
He is in much need of a barber.

The Wonder-Waking Orca Whale

He slaps the water with a mighty blow,
And drenches the audience, above and below.
He smacks the pool with a muscular fluke,
And in a surge the waters go.

He performs a somersault, and all inhale
As he churns the water with his sinewy tail.
He's a giant black-and-white dancing duke,
The wonder-waking Orca whale!

Green-toothy Grin

Enter my malicious, menacing jaws
With a slobbery, green-toothy grin.
I gnash my fangs with a malevolent smirk,
And wait for little buggies to come in.

Dionaea muscipula is also called "Venus fly trap", it is an active feeder. Its traps consists of toothed valves that snap together like jaws. Ants and small flies brush against tiny hairs that trigger the trap.

These humans, these humans!

These humans, these humans!
Are interrupting my slumber.
They stare, point and holler
In very large numbers.

These humans, let me rest,
This is not a party!
They won't let me have a wink,
And let alone forty.

These humans, these humans!
Are adding to my frustration.
Each day, I need 20
Hours of hibernation.

These humans! I'm tired!
I want peace! Can't you see?
I'll just hide behind this pole
So that you cannot see me.

Jug-like Jugular

This little rascal
With a jug-like jugular
Seems innocent and nice.
But if a fly
Comes close to hover...
SLURP! Before he can think twice!.

This passive carnivorous plant entice prey with sweet-smelling nectar. The sweet smell lures insects to the pitcherlike vessels of these plants. As an insect leans over the lip of the plant to sip the nectar inside, it falls from the slippery edge - into a pool of digestive enzymes where it drowns. How evil it sounds, doesn't it? :)


Fluffy, wispy,
Hang-in-the-air still.
Feathery, downy,
Like a cotton candy hill.

Afraid to whisper,
Lest it shall hear,
Afraid to breathe,
Lest it falls, I fear.

And it hovers there,
Stilly evermore,
And soundlessly sails past
In a vast blue reservoir.

Then! Through it we soar!
And I stifle a cry out loud,
For it shrouds me in downy white,
Swallowed by a cloud!

Welcome Home!

I am on the plane now, yay! Zooming towards home at 548 mph and looking down at the land from 35,002 feet in the air.

Here are some statistics about our flight:
Flight #: 708
Gate: 44
Plane Fleet: Boeing (should be Boring) 737-800
Origin: San Diego, CA
Destination: Cincinnati, OH
Estimated time of arrival: 6:55
Ground Speed: 547 mph
Flavors of chewing gum: Trident spearmint and winter mint

Right now we are over Phoenix, Arizona. I'm looking down, and all you can see is a bunch of incredibly straight lines forming incredibly perfect squares filled with solid green or brown or dotted with little gray houses.

I keep yawning and yawning like a hippo of some sort, but I cannot help it. It seems that the plane has some kind of soporific quality. Yes, zooming across the nation in the belly of a ginormous roaring metal bird at 540 miles an hour makes you want to go to sleep. I cannot exactly explain why.

I just went to the lavatory, which is so tiny: I estimate it's about two feet by one and a half feet. If you so much as turn around, you're going to smack your face into a wall. When you flush, and by some great force of suction, the contents of the great gray bowl are emptied and vacuumed into some secret compartment filled with such putrid contents. This great force of suction, however, makes a very loud WHOOSHing sound that is very ear piercing, and you must brace yourself before pushing the little blue button. It is all very nerve-wracking.

Thirty minutes to go until I stumble and everybody else walks off the plane into Cincinnati airport. Last time, it was around this time when my ears began to kill me, and I had to endure half and hour of suffering, but right now I seem fine. I began chewing spearmint gum at around 38 minutes to go.

H'm. Turns out my ears did not hurt nearly as much this time; in fact, they barely felt anything at all! I just used my father's strategy of fake yawning to pop my ears and relieve the pain and pressure, and I chewed a piece of spearmint gum ferociously. It felt a lot better this time!

Ah! What a relief it is to be home, and to know that tonight I will be sleeping in my own bed tonight and our lives are back on schedule again!

Unpacking is going to be a field day. Strangely enough, I'm already really tired and poopish even though it's only 9:22 eastern time (6:22 western time). Today's been a long yet very short day.

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