"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Smiling Mathletes

Look! BT was smiling with her teacher and team members from the Mason Intermediate School. On Saturday, February 23rd, they were participating in the annual Cincinnati Chapter Competition at Zimmer Auditorium of the University of Cincinnati. There were over 350 6th and 7th grade contestants representing 42 schools from throughout Greater Cincinnati! BT got the top score in the team of Mason Intermediate School and is among the top 10 students who will progress to the state competition taking place at Columbus in March. She received a trophy for her efforts. Congratulations to BT!!

My Hooded Valentine

Someone with a Great Big Hand

Someone with a great big hand
Has whited out the world.
He took a brush and coated the land
And all is white as a pearl.
Like a piece of paper is the impeccable sheet
That twinkles like stars all around.
I can't help but dance, only fear my feet
Might make too loud of a sound.
It feels like everything has been erased,
It feels like the middle of nowhere.
I leap and I twirl through ethereal space
And breathe in the chilly, fresh air.
Whiter than white is far as can see
Like a layer of paint high and low.
White is the world, except a dot that is me
And my trail of footprints in the snow.

Poetry of Logical Ideas

Something is different, I observed, along with the fact that her height gets taller and taller approaching that of mine, her passion for poetry writing, perhaps not abated, but sometimes works differently in another way. Does this metamorphosis attribute to the joining of Math Counts? Is it bad or good? Who knows?

This is one of the new type of "poems" we were enjoying working on and I got a reward from BT by my correct solution!!! High-fives!!!

Winter Orchestra Concert @ School

Clementine's Lesson

Remember last time my story about how Tangerine has cultivated a new habit of playing with gravel? Well, I guess goldfish experience peer pressure too, just like us, because not long after Tangerine started, Clementine and Carrot must have thought it was the new "vogue" so they started playing with gravel too. At this point, you need to know that Tangerine has a HUGE mouth like almost the size of a dime, and she is really good at sucking up rocks and spitting them out again like a underwater vacuum. But Clementine and Carrot have much smaller mouths, and are not as physically able as Tangerine in the sense that they cannot perform the stunt very well. So you can probably guess what happened then.

Clementine, perhaps at that moment, was so proud of what she was doing. But uuuuh oh! Obviously something went wrong! She was trying to spit it back out, but the rock seemed too large to come out!

Oh, it was indeed a pretty kettle of fish.

MT, Dad, and I were watching anxiously as Clementine struggled, spewed, spat, and coughed in vain. Poor Clemy, nothing seemed to work! At one point, she even turned herself upside-down and propped herself up against the walls of the aquarium in hopes that the gravity might help. No matter how she tried, the rock was just lying right in her mouth, stubbornly refusing to leave.

What could we do? We waited and hoped it comes out eventually. Seriously, I wish they put a label on the gravel container, saying "CAUTION: SMALL PARTS, CHOKING HAZARD FOR CHILDREN AND GOLDFISH!"

The next morning, the rock was STILL stuck in Clementine's mouth immovably, and we were so terribly worried-out-of-our-minds that we decided that we had to do something. First we scooped Clementine into a little bowl with some water, and got a pair of tiny tweezers, and a little hook. My dad was ready to begin his surgical operation. Here's what happened.

Later, MT and Dad were removing all the gravel from the aquarium and put a bunch of big rocks in lieu of the small ones, while Tangerine, Clementine, and Carrot watched like naughty children whose toys were being confiscated.

What can we learn from Clementine's lesson? Well, three things I can think of so far.

1) Don't succumb to peer pressure.
2) Don't challenge yourself physically.
3) It is good to be a surgeon!

BTW, that day I gave my dad an extra hug for his fleshy but dexterous hands!

Scoops of Fun

Happy New Year!

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