"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


The Best of 2012

Santa's Story Sequel

Once in a time of Christmas Day,
There were happy children.

T'was the day before Christmas
In the villages and towns,
And everywhere could be heard
Thrilled and merry sounds.
"Santa's coming!" cried the children.
"Santa's coming tonight!
"May your holidays be merry
"And your Christmas be white!"

Once in a time of Christmas Day,
There was an excited hubbub.

At Santa's busy workshop,
The smell of excitement filled the air.
Santa's elves were making preparations:
There wasn't a single minute to spare.
(Meanwhile, Santa was at the gym,
Working out to lose some weight,
For he remembered last year's plight
From all the cookies that he ate.)

Once in a time of Christmas Day,
Santa had a diet plan.

Since last December's crisis,
Santa formed a diet plan.
He chucked the candy and cookies,
(An occasional treat, rather than
A normal.) He replaced them
With fresh fruits and vegetables.
He at only 2,000 calories a day
And monitored his fatty foods levels.
His new menu evolved from cookies,
And now looked something like this:
Lean chicken, barley, brown rice,
Celery and carrot sticks,
Apples, bananas, broccoli.
At first, eating like this was strange.
The new diet was hard in the beginning,
But Santa was determined to change.

Once in a time of Christmas Day,
Santa began to exercise.

Of course, Santa understood
That a good diet couldn't work alone.
A one-man band wasn't enough:
He worked out to get himself toned.
You can imagine Santa at the gym,
Jogging through the snow,
Doing push-ups in his red suit,
His cheeks s pinkish glow.
Santa didn't transform overnight,
It took what seemed like forever.
But when his potbelly became a six-pack,
He knew it was worth the effort.

Once in a time of Christmas Day,
There was a magnificent take-off.

The big day finally arrived,
And the slim Santa hopped into his sleigh.
"Hohoho! Merry Christmas!"
He laughed as he zoomed away.
Sleigh bells ringing, reindeer singing,
The sleigh was much lighter now,
For his diet and exercise paid off:
Santa had lost 88 pounds!

Once in a time of Christmas Day,
Santa demonstrated willpower.

The light, quick, and sinewy Santa
Zoomed down one chimney at a time,
Just like last year except one thing:
His willpower controlled him this time.
"I must abstain from eating cookies,"
To himself Santa told.
He didn't want to disappoint kids,
But he had to keep himself controlled.
So at each house he scrawled a note:
"Dear children, thanks for the cookies.
But I am on a diet,
So I cannot eat the goodies.
Wish you a merry Christmas!
(And healthy, too, of course.)
Hohoho! Have a good night!
Love, from Santa Claus."

Concerto in A minor by Vivaldi

BT's violin recital at Church of the Saviour on December 15, Saturday.

This is it. Due to unknown reason, MT failed to capture this precious moment from the beginning! She is excruciatingly guilty!!! B-o-o-h-o-o...

Mystery Herb

Shrouded in mystery and legend, this herb has been used for medicinal purposes over 5,000 years. According to my research online, it is used to increase physical and mental endurance, fight fatigue and boost energy. It also has many other benefits for health:

. improves metabolism, digestion and appetite
. lowers cholesterol, blood glucose levels and controls blood pressure
. is an anti-aging supplement
. prevents infections, cold and flu

It sounds amazing but I was a little incredulous about it. How could it work like a panacea? Does it work more effectively than my Glorious Mud?
BT instantly repudiated it after a sip of the tea. MT decided to conduct the bitter-and-sweet experiment on herself every day.

Violin Lesson

Thinking about what I found this summer, all by exceedingly good luck, I cannot stop smiling! Monday (yes, Monday!) has been my favorite day of the week since then.

The violin lesson, with BT and our most respected violin teacher, is one of my new excitements every week; it gives me the valuable chance to enjoy those little joyful moments, learn and educate myself in a new dimension of the world.

Look at what I have in my notebook from the lessons,

. Set up a goal.
. Make a commitment.
. Be patient, it's a long journey.
. Stand like a pillar of confidence.
. Prepare. Get ready for the moment.
. Sustain. Make every note sound solid and beautiful.
. Adjust elbow. Accommodate the stretches to reach different strings.
. Listen for accurate intonation.
. Self-discipline and perseverance.
. Relax and enjoy.

Doesn't it sound like life lessons as well?

(Above, BT's impeccable new violin, a piece of good memory.)

Happy Turkey Day!

I wrote this sequel to last year's Happy Thanksgiving! I wrote, in which the turkeys escaped from Farmer Joe's farm on balloons, but ended up as a catastrophe.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There lived a turkey named Lurkey.

As I previously have told,
Lurkey helped her fellow turkeys
Escape from Farmer Joe's farm
On birthday balloons (it was quite quirky).
Later, they plummeted onto an island
When the balloons were popped by a jet.
By coincidence, Farmer Joe was there-
They inevitably met.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a big jolt.

What fortuitous chance,
And how funny could it be,
For the turkeys and farmer to be
Reunited so unexpectedly?
The turkeys had a big jolt,
And Farmer Joe was befuddled,
But one look at the popped balloons,
And he knew what had caused the trouble.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a mighty chase.

Farm Joe was amazed,
And furious at first.
He lunged for the turkeys
As they scattered and dove headfirst.
The balloons had brought them nowhere!
The turkeys broke into a race.
Farmer Joe ISN't one to mess with,
Especially when he's red in the face.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a hullabaloo.

The turkeys could do nothing
But turn tail and run!
Along the beach, between palm trees,
A flurry of feature crazy gone!
The turkeys ran for their lives,
And Farmer Joe was close in pursuit.
They caused quite a hullabaloo,
For the commotion was a not minute.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was an unfortunate recapture.

Turkeys aren't quick of mind,
And not much faster on their feet.
Farmer Joe caught them one by one,
Marking their ignominious defeat.
Placed back into a cage,
And then returning to the farm,
Back at the old place,
The sight's greeting was not warm.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was impending doom.

Thanksgiving was imminent,
Which was synonymous to doom.
One can only imagine
The farm's atmosphere of gloom.
Lurkey preferred not to dwell
On what possibly may happen.
Instead, she began
To devise another plan.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a great plot.

Lurkey couldn't escape again,
So to Farmer she wrote a letter:
Happy Thanksgiving! Though, you must,
Recognize us turkeys' imminent danger,
As you may clearly see,
We turkeys have a terrible plight.
We don't want to end up on the table,
Yet we cannot take flight.
If you would be so kind, dear Joe,
May I make one suggestion,
That may benefit your business,
As well as us, I may mention?
It would be a win-win,
And I hope you think so too,
Change "Farmer Joe's Turkey Farm"
To "Farmer Joe's Petting Zoo".

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a happy ending.

Farmer Joe received the letter,
Along with much of a shock.
After an inner war he agreed
To save the lives of the turkey flock.
In the end, the turkeys were spared,
And Farmer Joe grew very rich too,
For hundreds of people swarmed to see
Farmer Joe's Petting Zoo!

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a fiesta.

Farmer Joe was so ecstatic
He decided to throw a party!
All the turkeys were invited,
And his friends were very hearty.
He had twenty-nine balloons,
And everyone had a ball,
So the turkeys' Thanksgiving fiasco
Turned into a fiesta after all!

Thankful BT and Little Turtle

A wild and impetuous BT,
Pouncing out of the shrub,
Roared upon a passing turtle
A raucous and cacophonous, "What's up?!!"

A wise and patient Little Turtle,
Perseveringly walking by,
Looked up and responded to the B the T
With a peaceful "The sky..."


"Friends are kisses blown to us by angels."
- Author Unknown

First trimester party at school! Do you know which one is BT's BFF Taylor (who also portrayed BT singing)?

Over The Rainbow

"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream,
Really do come true."

-- from one of our favorite movies "The Wizard of Oz".

Have You Voted Yet?

When: November 6, 2012
Where: Grace Baptist Church in Mason

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