"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Standing on the Ground

Standing at the window, watching the birds on the patio, wrapping BT in my arms, I gently rubbed my toes on the wood floor to feel our solid and unshakable planet underneath my feet.

As usual, the birds were frolicking and singing, flowers were blooming, but unprecedentedly, I felt nothing was so merry or so musical as my own exulting and grateful heart.

Standing on the ground, instead of flying with BT (!!!) thirty thousand feet high in the air, feels just GREAT!!!

Walking on Clouds

Step lightly
on delicate feet.
Where you walk
is where angels sleep.
On snow white vastness,
on billows you prance.
Mountains of cotton
is where sunlight will dance.
Sandwiched in
seas of blue,
Where the sun touches,
now you cruise.
On icy wisps, billows,
have a seat.
Step lightly
on delicate feet.

Puerto Rico!

A Secret Project I did, assigned by the Chief of Secrecy, MT. ;D


BT is in Milk Chocolat in the PrePro Ballet this year. We had our dress rehearsal at the Mason High School Auditorium Saturday and the recital Sunday. Hooray!

Thank you!

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.
~Henry Brooks Adams


HeartZilla Juice, 100% Fruit! NO SUGAR ADDED! No artificial ingredients, not from concentrate. HeartZilla juice is made from the very finest ingredients: mangoes, strawberries, and bananas, the fruits are most beneficial to your heart. Would you like to try some?

Humoresque by A. Dvorak

BT and her violin teacher Ms. Ann Lin at the violin recital.

What will it become?

A piece of BT's writing after reading the book White Fang by Jack London; I find myself ADORING all her work especially this one which I should always keep on my mind.

A soul is a piece of clay,
Pure at the start,
Until it's molded,
Will it become a piece of art?

Will it become the puppy
Whose little tail wags,
Or the menacing wolf
Who bristles when you pass?

Will it become our best friend,
Loyal to mankind,
Or man's mortal foe,
Lurking in shadows behind?

Will it become the eyes
That gaze into yours,
Or the sorrowful howls
That bays at the stars?

Will it become the sunshine
To light up a day,
Or the rumble of thunder
That is not so far away?

Will it become an angel
That comes from above,
Or the demon itself
Without one bit of love?

Terribly Gleeful

Peonies, Peonies!

As the traditional floral symbol of China which symbolizes prosperity, honor, happiness and peace, a peony ("Mu Dan" in Chinese) was a splendid flower that impressed itself deeply on my childhood memory. It seemed to my little self, however, that it only lives in paintings, vases, plates, teapots and stamps, closely and remotely at the same time.

Now, here they come, in my own garden, after two years of waiting for the bloom!

Look! they're not just flowers, they're peonies, peonies!

Some fun facts I learned about peonies:
.  It is the state flower of Indiana
.  It is the 12th anniversary flower
.  When sending a secret message in Victorian England they were symbolic of bashfulness

Flower Attack

BT was attacked by this flower planted on her desk at school today; thanks to her teacher for the great conspiracy, I hope it will help a tiny bit during this OAA week.

Sore Back and Dirty Hands

Here's what I have achieved today -
4 purple Lanai Verbenas, 32 light and dark pink Petunias (love, love it!!!) giggling in their new beds, a sore back and a pair of dirty hands! Yay!!

How come I still feel hungry? Wait a minute... what about the back yard?!

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