"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


2012 District Art Show

BT's Water Lilies in Monet's impressionist style.

Sugar, Sugar, Chocolate cake

Sugar, sugar, chocolate cake,
I can't help but drool a lake.
Oceans of gleaming icing I'll frost,
I gobble you at any cost,
Sugar, sugar chocolate cake,
I can't help but drool a lake.

Sugar, sugar, chocolate cake,
The sight of you, my goodness sake.
Sweet aromas fill the air,
Is there a tiny sliver to spare?
Sugar, sugar, chocolate cake,
The sight of you, my goodness' sake.

Sugar, sugar, chocolate cake,
I love you, yet my heart breaks.
I must fight with my sweet tooth,
'Cause my dentist would be mad, that is the truth,
Sugar, sugar, I love you,
Yet I must abstain from eating you.

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Some people don't live on the earth anymore, but their spirit and ideas live on our mind and inspire us forever. Steve Jobs, the father of our iPad and iPhone, is such a rare brilliant soul.

This movie is my favorite video on YouTube of this great man addressing publicly - a speech full of personal touching stories on his life journey to encourage the students to take the challenges in life, stay curious and modest, to follow their hearts and live their passion.

I found myself in love with his speaking style, just like the products he created, straightforward but meaningful, elegant and sparkling.

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

For BT and myself.

Stilt Acrobat

I have a friend who's a stilt acrobat,
She glides a graceful gait in her leafy habitat.
Stretching her legs, head and shoulders above all,
She casts a glance aloofly, and I feel so small.
Lanky yet elegant, she swings her head around,
How vast is her vista, so far from the ground?
Her gestures are comely all the time, if you think,
Except when she straddles in order to drink.

Just My Fluffy Chocolate and Me

In my clique of the fledged I might look rather bizarre,
But that's just the way me and my feathers are.
I'm the only one here with wooly brown fluff,
Just my fluffy chocolate and me.

I was told there'd be the time called molting day,
I'll have a kingly black suit and fish by the bay.
Till then, I'm princely and confusing enough,
Just my fluffy chocolate and me.

Bestial Tiger

I'm BT and have swollen a little since last spring, but do I look familiar to you?

Remember I have pointed claws, frightful paws, and terrible jaws? hahaha.. Grrrrrr...

Spring Impressions


Shrimp, rice and their coterie, bundled
Up in a satiny blanket, dunked into a
Savory puddle, haplessly and
Helplessly crushed between my teeth, is what
I call gratification.

Professor Einstein A new version of my homemade repast from my kitchen laboratory, for which BT has given me five stars!

The work is not complicated, I realized, but it requires the strength from the fingers and the power transmitted from a strong constitution. No wonder the chefs you meet behind sushi bars are almost all masculine forms. Arduous work or not, for BT I have an inexhaustible supply of energy!

Professor Einstein

"Professor Einstein" is almost 60 years old now, although his scientific name is Narcissus which is from a story in ancient Greek.

I invited these eminent individuals to our garden in place of those hapless tulips last fall, 24 of them in all, and now they are all grinning dazzlingly in the golden sunshine, look!

The white petals are so pure and impeccable, contrasting boldly with the inner vivid bright amber orange cups, how lovely!

There's one important fact about this handsome guy I must announce, even though I'm afraid someone (the tulip perpetrator) perhaps doesn't want to know: his feet are terribly stinky and irritant to all beings, extremely harmful if eaten. Oh yeah! Heeheehe...

Professor Einstein

3 Things in Human Life

"Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind." by Henry James

Orchid Passion

The first time I encountered this species was at Changi Airport when I went to Singapore many years ago. I don't believe in love at first sight, but I was utterly amazed by her beauty.

What makes me deeply admire and dote on her, I realized through our companionship on life journey years later, is her surprisingly enduring spirit and abstemious living style.

Above, my Phalaenopsis collection. Here's where I learned how to take care of her.
Are you an orchid fan like me?

The Fool and the Sage

One runs and stumbles,
    The other walks with care.
One leaps on impulse,
    The other looks before he leaps.
One is irritable over small imperfections,
    The other acts with patience.
One looks on in anger,
    The other bestows forgiveness.
One resists stubbornly,
    The other adapts knowingly.
One criticizes and finds fault in others,
    The other is instead improving himself.
One speaks without cause,
    The other listens with his heart.
One believes himself a sage,
    The other believes himself a fool.

I wrote this poem for an ACT project about wisdom. Do you think you are a sage or a fool? ;D

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