"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


When Will the Day Come???

This Monday was black. The tragedy that happened in Chardon High School shocked and saddened me distressingly. It was in Ohio this time, just about 300 miles north from Cincinnati. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

Why? What was the motive? Why are guns so easily accessible to the kids?
Why not ban the guns? Why is the freedom of owning a gun, freedom of shooting bullets still so important? Why cannot the constitution be changed now? If today, after more than two hundred and twenty years when the Bill of Rights was written, is not the time for a change, when will it be?

When will the day come???

Divisibility Rules and Numbers

BT's math independent study presentation. It was amazing and delightful!

Keep up the great Job, BT!

Love is...

Attack MT! Love is suffocating and smothering MT
   and pouncing on her back.
Love is giving her a big, fat smooch on her cheek,
   and then falling asleep.
Love is tottering your feet on hers for the very first time,
   and wrapping your arms around her when you're scared.
Love is the look in your eyes,
   the first time you opened them.
Love is the sound of those gentle words,
   and the lullabies she sings.
Love is her wishing you well,
   and reminding you be your best self.
Love is her driving you to school every morning,
   and making surprising treats waiting for you when you come home.
Love is the kisses she always plants on your face every day
   and every time you say so long.
Love is the thread that strings our hearts together,
   and never breaks in the fiercest storm.
        That's love.

Not-So-Sweet 4 U!

My new invention - O.W.C.(oatmeal walnut cake with exceptional low sugar and oil) was awarded gold star healthy treat by BT and DR. Yay!!!

Dragon Girl

Be Responsible

Harvey Mackay is a nationally syndicated columnist, and one of America's most popular business speakers. His writing is easy-to-read, interesting and full of valuable life lessons. A great article from him today, I think it would benefit not only everyone of us, but young students as well. After forwarded it to BT, I was reading and discussing with her on this subject tonight.


When will I see you again? "We might be...
Best friends one year,
Pretty good friends the next year,
Might not talk that often the next year,
And don't see each other at all after that.
So I just wanted to say,
Even if I never talk to you again in my life,
you are special to me and you have made a difference in my life,
I look up to you and truly cherish you."
- by anonymous

[Above, a place for my flying friend.]

Minuet in G by Beethoven

Love Itzhak Perlman's playing, and Telly's prattle was so cute as well. I put it here to give BT a twinkle of inspiration this week, hopefully. ;)

Winter Stars

gilded with silvery snow,
standing, like stalwart soldiers,
guarding the icy lake.

The snow reflects the sunshine,
like millions of silvery stars.

The silence reigns,
a chill traverses the snow,
past the geese,
sailing tranquilly.

All is tranquil,
as the snowflakes drift down,
glistening with pearly white,
like twinkling,

Retreiving an image of our white, icy, cold backyard from my memory of last year, I was working on this poem and drawing during this green and warm winter break. Ah! It looks the icycles on the tree in the picture are melting...

Explore New Dimensions

Explore New Dimensions Swirling and beaming in their new home, Tangerine and Clementine must be experiencing tremendous thrills and elations. I felt they were smiling like a Cheshire cat while they glided through the arch rocks. Their voracious appetite was the evidence.

I found myself feeding them all the time when I saw them looking for food between the gravel at the bottom of the tank. Their constant hunger seemed insatiable. Do they care about their health and physiognomy? Should I put them on weight watch?

Make Each Day Your Masterpiece

BT decided to set up a personal motto for herself, what a great idea for the new beginning of the year!

After a short discussion and her protracted independent thinking, here's her understanding and interpretation of the saying she has chosen.
. Treasure TIME - the most valuable resource we have
. Adopt a POSITIVE perspective, especially in rainy days
. Strive for EXCELLENCE in everything we do
. Be MY SELF (characters, personality, creativity and autonomy)

"Make each day your masterpiece."

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