"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Today is Resolutionary!

Today is Resolutionary. Resolutionary is a word I made up. So, the poem:

Today is revolutionary,
Today is resolutionary!
Today is when we resolve
To turn over a new leaf.

Today we start out fresh, and find
We leave the old, bad habits behind,
And start a new 2012
Ready to achieve.

So let's start out on a new slate,
Be a better us on this very date,
We'll make this year fantastic because,
Today's resolutionary!

So, what are you resolving to do this year?
Again, Happy 2012, and may the firecrackers go BOOM!

Today Was a Fairytale

Grils Night Out at Great Wolf Lodge!

An extra Christmas gift delivered to BT this year was inviting one of her best friends howling with her at the Great Wolf Lodge. I was running after them madly like a paparazzo, and DR, an indefatigable bodyguard. Look, it seemed they did have a wild time. Yay!

Happy Holidays to You!

The Giver

The Giver Profoundly thoughtful, inspiring and unforgettable. BT and I were reading this book on iPad, the big font (which I deliberately set for the benefits of the eyes) of it seems have given us the impact of reading more impressive and unerasable.

"Memories are forever."

What type of giver am I? What memories will I give?

I loved this book because it teaches us a really good message: to appreciate what we have in our lives, and how important it is to make our own choices. This book also has a lot of suspense and cliffhangers. It always made me think deeper. I wrote this poem below based on the community in the book.

What Is...?

What is sunshine?
What is snow?
The rays of light reaching all aglow?

What is wind?
What is rain?
A rhythm on my windowpane?

What are elephants?
What are birds?
Wondrous creatures on the earth?

What are sleds?
What are hills?
Lovely things with lovely thrills?

What are choices?
What is fire?
A drop of honey to inspire?

What is music?
What is color?
Beauty beyond any measure?

What are feelings?
What is love?
A deep fluttering like the wings of a dove?

Why is our world so colorless and gray,
Without sun or rain or snow any day?
Without choices, without uniqueness and without
Love to tell us what life is about?

MT L-O-V-E-S my poems. Do you? Grrr!

Nutcracker 2011

Nutcracker Show @ Mason High School Auditorium on Dec 11 at 1:00pm and 4:00pm. BT was in the party scene and Waltz of Flowers.

Zoeller M53

A two-point-seven-inch incessant rain brought us to welcome this little guy - stout, brawny, and hopefully strong and unwavering, coming to our home in the basement today. Doesn't he look cool?

He seems happy with his new abode and is humming his solo once in a while. Constantly, I was checking on him and found myself whispering to him my endearments and prayers for his well-being and longevity. "I'll come to see you every day, and you will stay with me forever...or at least five years, won't you?"

Listen to Your Heart

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wrote this sequel to last year's Once in a Time of Thanksgiving poem I wrote, in which the turkeys escaped from Farmer Joe's farm on balloons.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There lived a turkey named Lurkey.

As you know, Lurkey was the one
Who had plotted the Great Escape.
She had devised a plan
For all the turkey's sakes.
They floated away on balloons
To a far-away place.
I will tell you what happened
On their odyssey in space.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a great flight.

For ten months and a day,
The turkeys sailed across the blue.
The wind rustled through their feathers
As their great impatience grew.
In sunshine and in storm,
Chill and heat, they await,
Soaring on sore wings,
Waiting for their fate.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a gathered crowd.

The turkeys, one and all,
With their heads in the clouds,
Unintentionally and unknowingly
Attracted quite a crowd.
The sight of turkeys on balloons
Isn't part of everyday life,
Thus quite a throng gathered
To catch a glimpse of turkey flight.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was quite a commotion.

Soon, the turkeys were over
The great Pacific Ocean,
When a loud whirring sound
Caused quite a commotion.
'Oh, dear!' 'What is that'!?
'HELP!' and 'Gobble, Squawk!'
Were the sounds that could be heard
From the overhead flock.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a catastrophe.

The turkeys were getting frantic
As a plane loomed into view.
Being just some feathered fowls,
There was nothing they could do.
Suddenly, there was a POP!
And before anybody knew,
The turkeys were plummeting
Down into the ocean blue.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was an epic plunge.

They were gathering momentum
So nobody dared peek,
So no one saw there was a tiny
Little island straight beneath,
And no one saw, between two trees,
A comfy little hammock,
Instead, they braced themselves for doom'


Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a happy ending.

Miraculously so,
(Can you believe their luck?!)
The turkeys landed on the island
And landed in the hammock,
And on the hammock lay a vacationer, Enjoying the summer breeze blow.
So the turkeys found beneath them?
A bewildered F-A-R-M-E-R J-O-E!


This is part of my drawing... "Do you still...?" She always asks, with a sparkle twinkling in her eyes. Knowing her frolicsome nature, "Still not" was always my answer in a pretentious voice.

Days ago, sitting in front of the desk for hours I was working on a drawing just for her, I guess I wanted to let her know that each stroke of my pencil represents a positive answer to her question.

Life is a journey; the best part of it is the people we meet along the way. I'm so thankful for everyone in my life, especially the one I met in college and the little one I met eleven years ago who came from heaven...

Thank You, Soldiers!

This text will be replaced by the flash music player.

A live recording of BT presenting her poem for the Veterans Day Ceremony at the MI 45 Gym at 10:30 A.M. today. Her poem was voted by teachers as the best one among 5th graders. It's the first time she was speaking in front of more than one thousand people, but it seemed she was used to it. Alan and I chose to stand in the last row by the wall watching her from a distance; it was a great day!

Glorious Pi(e)

Hi, friend, hi.
     Hi, friend, hi.
Do you like pie?
     I love pie.
My, oh, my!
So do I!
(chorus) Oh, the sight of pie!

It makes me quiver?
     It makes me quake?
It makes me shiver?
     It makes me shake?
(chorus) Oh, the glorious sight of pie!

Pie is crunchy,
Pie is sweet!
     I'm covered in pies
     From my head to my feet!
I'm covered, I cannot see...
So I'll eat all the pies, what a sweet tummy!
(chorus) Oh, the glorious, scrumptious sight of pie!

Let's go have pie,
     Let's go have pie!
I'm so happy,
I'll jump up high!
     Let's split it.
     I'll have two thirds.
No way! I'll only
Have one third!
     Come on, okay,
     It's fine. We'll share.
Two thirds and one thirds?
That's so not fair!
     Okay, fine,
     I'll have three fourths.
Oh, really, friend?
That's even worse!
Where went your brain?
Where went your math?
Common sense would say
We'd split half and half!
(chorus) Oh, the glorious, scrumptious, worth-fighting-over sight of pie!

It's time for math class!
     Ugh..no! Math class!
Hi, friend, hi.
     Don't you mean 'bye'?
No, but do you like pi?
     I said I like pie.
My, oh, my!
So do I!
Three point one,
Four, one, five,
Nine, two, six, five, three,
Five, eight, nine?
What? I thought you like pi?
     No, the other sort of pie!
Oh, pie not pi.
Hay, let's find out the circumference of this pie!
(chorus) Oh, the glorious, enigmatic, never-ending, powerful pi!

[Above, my double voice poem which won first place in the Poetry Slam in Team Character at school last week.]

Halloween 2011

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