"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Mona BT Draws da Vinci

Mona BT and da Vinci

A book BT wrote and illustrated at school

Tasty Provisions

I have got visions of tasty provisions.
Now I am in a position where I can taste tasty provisons.

Let's Read the Maps

It's one of our reading-together treasure books. Simple, clear, concise, enlightening and full of common sense for all aspects of life.

How I relish every moment reading and discussing with her, as well as the marks, drawings she put on the pages as we read on, especially the "Duh!"

Butterfly Fun Facts:
. There are about 24,000 species of butterflies.
. Butterflies cannot fly if their body temperature is lower than 86 degree Fahrenheit.
. Monarchs are endangered because milkweeds, eaten by caterpillars, are being cut down by humans for building roads and houses.
. Butterflies range in wingspan from 1/8 inch to up to 12 inches!



BT's dance recital at Mason High School Auditorium on June 5.

Rapturous Shopping

Look at my purchase today! Don't they look awesome?!

The enthusiasm and motivation of the sales staff are most impressive, with high level of product knowledge, promotional competency and sales skills. Customer service is fair, product is exchangeable; no return policy but 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Mini Mall

Mini Mall@School! I went to the Mini Mall fair,
We had a business there.
Selling BobbleToppers
To all the fellow shoppers,
It was a jolly good time!

The marketing campaign
Was shouting themselves insane,
"Come on, do not snooze,
There's no time to lose,
Let's play the Mini Mall game!"

We experienced opportunity cost,
And scarcity was the boss,
Choices had to be made,
As we bought, sold, and paid,
Learning economics this whole way.

Producers and consumers were there,
We were both, that's really fair.
Producers made and sold,
Consumers bought, as told
At the Mini Mall fair.



H(B)= F1.F2.F3.F4

A formula I created to feed BT and myself for staying happy in bummer days.

Here're the definitions of the variables and my applications to the tulip-root-hollow enigma:

F1: FIX the situation by taking actions towards the issue. This is mandatory.

A bottle of garden chemical solution - a repellent for small animals was my weapon, with a clothespin on my nose (it smells abominable!), I generously sprayed the chemical liquid into the soil around the plants.

F2: If F1 is not effectual, FORGIVE the perpetrator, especially those little, or furry, or with begrimed faces.

I have to choose to forgive it (or them); 'cause days after the event, I discovered that it appeared as though my chemical spray simply served as a pungent condiment to the treat.

F3, F4: If F1 and F2 are not effectual, FORGET it and FOCUS on other beautiful objects. Life is too short to be spent in fretting or registering wrongs.

What am I talking about? Where were we? Look at those roses!!

Perpetual Motion

Perpetual Motion

BT's 1st violin recital at Mason High School Orchestra Room on May 21.

Dear little furries,

Whatever mysterious entity you may be, please be kindly advised that you stay away the tulip roots immediately. The plants have been protected by unsavory ingredients which may be poisonous and life-threatening! And we are not responsible for any stomachaches caused!

Thank you!

Barbaric Tiger

Who did this?!

Who did this?! I thought I was having a beautiful day until I walked to our garden - lustrous rose bushes are full of buds, vigorous tulip greens looked...Uh-oh! Oh my gosh, what's that!! Something suspicious caught my eye...

Underneath several tulips in the soil, little hollows, perhaps as big as tennis balls, were formed neatly. My curiosity pushed me forward to observe it - an utterly terrible crime scene: the mulch and soil around the plant were dug away; the roots were exposed and seemed to have been bitten fiercely by somebody who, I believed, enjoyed a juicy meal, but how miserable the plant is!!

Who did this?! Who was eating my tulip roots?! My heart sank, I felt I was going to faint...

Memory Bank Deposits

Memory is a strange thing. Sometimes, when I hold her, kiss her and watch her singing, playing, laughing, growing every day, the ghost of my younger self, with same age as hers, would involuntarily sneak in and lead my mind back to the fragments of the childhood life of my own. Memory is enigmatic; it opens up the mental vision like unrolling an old film, displays the moments with related people - the appearance of their countenances, gestures and tone of voice, at the places and circumstances, and connects intimately and emotionally to our senses and feelings, whether it's full of happiness or sorrow.

Perhaps that is where my fondness for this quote comes from and it serves as a reminder and general guide to my parenting and daily life:

"Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children." - Charles Swindoll.

The funny thing is, whenever I was trying to give, I always found I received more; whenever I was trying to fill her memory bank, and it always turned out having my own account balance growing.

Are you making a deposit?

Memory Bank Deposits

Above, look at what I got on Mother's Day! That's part of a wordly and lengthy growth in my bank.

Reaching High

Reaching High Reaching wide and reaching high,
I can touch the great blue sky!
Exploring the outer space of which I'm fond,
The moon, the sun, the stars and beyond!

BT's creation displayed at the Mason District Art Show Saturday, May 7 7:30pm - 10pm @ Mason High School! MT wuvs it!

Dirty-hand Weekend

This morning at Lowes I found a great gift for myself, doesn't it look handsome?

I know exactly what BT will do when she comes back from school... A loadful of happiness!

Will surely have a dirty-hand weekend. How about you?

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