"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Good Friday

Look at what I got from school yesterday! Apart from my naturalistic observation in the classroom, a serendipitous (I luv this word!) tiger hunt, listening to the Nifty News presentation and enjoying those lovable baby smiles on the wall!

Gallery in the hallway is a symmetrical object display, one half from magazine cuttings and another half drawn by the students using miras. It's so delightful to watch those creations by kids, especially suddenly attacked by this baby tiger!

My regular volunteer work this school year is preparing folders on Fridays, which includes awarding graded papers with stickers and school dollars (isn't it a privileged job!), and organizing and distributing the test and practice papers, and news letters into individual folders. It sounds not exactly hard, but it needs a concentrated mind (must be immune to all types of voices and sounds especially the most familiar and tigerish one :), good eye-hand coordination and a pair of strong legs. Thanks to my 5-days-a-week work out and exercises which seems to have made me strong and almost competent for this job.

Ever since she went to kindergarten, school has seemed to have a huge magnet to me - a place where I can't resist going.

Ah! A Dose of Spring!

A Dose of Spring!

Finally! And they're free, coming back from last year, now glowing and smiling in our yard, yay!

A Buzzy Worker

A buzzy worker on the tree,
A sight to behold, as you can see.
This yellow, striped and fuzzy beast,
Has not willingness in the least,
To exchange a conversation this moment with me,
As he suffocated flowers with ferocity!

A Buzzy Worker

Plant a Tree

..or two, or more if you have a real passion for trees.

Having these planted in our yard on Monday (BT called them "Alvin" and "Prairifire II"), I found myself wandering alone again in the tree lots of a nursey, like a strayed spirit... it ended up with another two are coming home next week. Am I helplessly, hopelessly crazy?

Eat Fish

Eat Fish I know, this sight must be unbearably gruesome to the residents downstairs (that school of Tilapia, sorry!), but I feel I cannot stop doing it for these reasons:

. It earned me one BIG star from BT on my calendar, now it's her 2nd favorite dish (Aha! Exactly what I had hoped for.)
. For the high protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids
. So easy to prepare - just open the package, season it, slide into the oven and the job is done.

The only thing is, there is almost always a grumble following the creak of the kitchen door when someone comes home, "Ugh! Fish again?"

Enjoy the Perfect...

Let's enjoy the perfect... tulip greens! During spring break, we, serendipitously, learned that tulips would hardly bloom at the temperature of 40 degrees fahrenheit before April in Cincinnati- duh!

Let's enjoy the perfect... tulip greens!

Hey! Come join the school!

Hey! Come join the school! Did you know we Tilapia are mouth brooders, which means we carry our eggs and larvae (babies) in our mouths to protect them from predators?
Also, we originate in the warm, fresh and salty waters of Africa, South and Central America, southern India and Sri Lanka.


Hi-how-are-you-doing-take-care-good-bye! While you were merrily gliding by,
I gazed through the water and caught your eye.
You didn't breathe and neither did I,
Wish you could hear my whisper inside...

Manatee Facts:
. Gentle herbival animal who lives in rivers or coastal areas
. Related to the elephant; have three toes and dense bones with no marrow
. Have no external ear lobes, but can hear very well
. Can live for 60 years!

Hey, bud! It's me, again!! Grrr!!!

It's me, again!! Grrr!!!

Make Someone's Day

...no matter if it is a persistent duck or a relentless tiger!

Go Green!

Once in a time of going green,
There lived Mr. Saver.

This said Mr. Saver
Was quite a big guy.
But what made him special
Was not his size.
Mr. Saver was a man
Who loved to save energy,
Water, paper, gas,
And electricity.

Once in a time of going green,
There was a big Saturday.

Mr. Saver wanted pizza,
But in the fridge there was none.
Mr. Saver's stomach grumbled,
Something had to be done.
Mr. Saver pondered,
'I'll go today.
So now I'll make a grocery
List right away.'

Once in a time of going green,
Mr. Saver saved paper.

Mr. Saver looked for paper,
He found an old receipt.
Now he listed the items
And made his list complete.
He grabbed his reusable bags
That he brings to the store.
They save plastic and paper,
Mr. Saver headed out the door.

Once in a time of going green,
Mr. Saver set off.

Mr. Saver didn't drive,
To his bike he went hopping.
Grocery list in pocket
Mr. Saver went shopping.
He pedaled and pedaled
All along the track.
He got so hot and sweaty,
His shirt stuck on his back.

Once in a time of going green,
Mr. Saver was shopping.

At the store, Mr. Saver
Found what he needed to buy.
As he started for the check out,
Something caught his eye.
Compact fluorescent light bulbs!
Just what he needed!
He grabbed a pack, checked out,
Then down the road he speeded.

Once in a time of going green,
Mr. Saver took a shower.

When Mr. Saver got home,
He was drenched with perspiration.
He decided to take a shower
But still remembered conservation.
Mr. Saver's shower was
Five minutes long.
Enjoying his cleaning
While singing a happy song.

Once in a time of going green,
There were CFLs.

After his shower,
Mr. Saver thought
He'd install the compact
Fluorescent light bulbs he'd bought.
These CFL light bulbs
Use 75 percent
Less energy than
The old incandescent.

Once in a time of going green,
There was a job well done.

As the very last light bulb
Was installed into place.
A big, wide smile
Lightened Mr. Saver's face.
'I've saved paper, gas,
Water and electricity.
I reduced my carbon footprint
By saving energy!'

A project I finished last week for school. It was so much fun! MT wuvs it, especially my illustrations. Yay!

Hail the First Notes of Spring!

Hail the First Notes of Spring! The Vernal Equinox is hard to say,
It just means the sunlight ray
Hits the northern hemisphere on this day,
Crossing the Equator its way.

In shorter terms... guess what? It's spring!
And spring the liveliest will bring.
Daisies and roses and tulips will sing,
Oh, hail the first notes of spring!

[Above, Dwarf in our yard, photographed by MT.]

Ta-Dah! A Flower For You!


Sweet Discussion (not Dictation)

Sweet Discussion Yesterday I was invited to view an online discussion on social study by BT's class. The topic is "Should Schools Ban Bake Sales?" The students are required to use complete sentences to state their ideas in a persuasive way.

The discussion was so enjoyable to me, here's what I found. The majority of the kids were against the ban, because treats "are tasty, yummy and delicous" and "it helps kids learn to work together and earn money", also it promotes "teamwork. And if they have lots of teamwork the kids will be better friends with each other." As about the health issue, some stated "it is not the bake sales fault it is the customers fault for eating and buying all of the junk food.", and "Sweets are not the only reason people gain weight!", also, many believe "Sweet treats are what makes a kid a kid" and suggested "having more recess time" and building "more fitness centers in the community. And mabey if they lowered the prices of sports more people could play them and get more active". Further more, "If the schools really have a problem with bake sales then mabey they should send a letter to there govener". One boy even escalated it to the level of human rights, "acording to the Bill of Rights all people have the rights of freedom, and pursuit of happiness".(Wow! I should have applauded louder for him if it's not on this topic.)

There are about one fifth of students support the ban. Guess who is among them? Here's her opinion, "I do understand that many kids love cookies and brownies, but these sweets can become a big problem. The first problem is that students may become overweight. I did a study on how being overweight can affect a person's health in second grade, and I found that being overweight or obese can lead to more health problems, such as heart diseases and possibly diabetes. The second problem is that students may get cavities. In third grade, I studied teeth and cavities. The acid and sugar can break down tooth enamel, causing a cavity. These are the two main reasons my family never lets me buy cookies and stuff at school. The third reason that I think could become a problem is that too much sugar could make students hyper and over-energetic, which makes students unable to concentrate in class. I think that schools instead could raise money by other means, such as talent shows or carnivals. I do not think holding a bake sale, especially at school, is a very good idea. " (Yay!! You knew how I felt!)

I couldn't stop smiling widely while reading those postings, how I was amazed at the way the 4th graders expressed their ideas freely and independently on the issue at school using their knowledge and conscience. But what exulted my heart most, is the land underneath our feet which makes the discussion, instead of dictation, possible.


By Emily Dickinson

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I've heard it in the chillest land,
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.

Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson by BT There once was a poet in America,
Emily Dickinson was her name.
Her poems were inspirational,
Which is what gave them fame.

She wrote poems that were classical.
Many had meaning and power.
They used metaphor and short sentences,
She worked hard-every hour!

Amherst, Massachusetts was her hometown,
She seldom left her home.
She stayed in her father's house night and day,
Writing away at her poems.

Some said her poems were quite different
From what people would prefer.
But when poems were published after her death,
They were loved a lot by others!

There once was a poet in America,
Emily Dickinson was her name.
Her poems were inspirational,
Which is what gave them fame.

Emily Elizabeth Dickinson (1830 ? 1886) was an American poet. Her poems were unique at that time; they contain short lines, typically lack titles, and often use slant rhyme as well as unconventional capitalization and punctuation. Many of her poems deal with themes of death and immortality.

Friendship Recipe

Friendship Recipe Mouthfuls of 'Hello's
Toothfuls of Smiles
Armfuls of Hugs
Earfuls of Listening
Bellyfuls of Understanding
Bowelfuls of Kindness
Chestful of Trust
Pawfuls of Fun
Lungfuls of Laughter
Palmfuls of Playdates
Heartfuls of Wuv

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