"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


A Glorious Lunch

A Glorious Lunch One day, my friend and I did munch,
On a treat that went CRUNCH, CRUNCH!
We filled up our big tummies
With these delightful yummies.
Oh my, what a glorious lunch!

Go cha-cha-cha!

Last Wednesday was the first Student Council meeting this year, how excited she was! Look at what she did for her class (as she did many times before)!

Taking the chance to learn, we were studying and discussing the purpose of the SC, teamwork, and leadership skills together. Here?s what we summarized the qualities of an effective young leader:

Go: Go for goal, is the dream and vision.

3Cs: Character, Communication and Competence.

3Hs: Hardiness, a Helper (instead of a boss), and a pinch of Humor.

3As: Attitude, Action and Appreciation.

Let's Go cha-cha-cha!!

J.S. Bach: Minuet in D minor

This little beautiful gem is haunting...

Fall Expedition

Driving a couple of miles from home, Pine Hill Lakes Park was the place where BT started her Fall Leaf project this Saturday afternoon. What a beautiful day!

A Big Smile

A Big Smile

Walk Two Moons

BT got this book from school as her first AR book reading. Intrigued by the book cover and to prepare for possible questions from her, I was reading it myself as well.

I think I should appreciate this book; a book helps preteens, especially many those who live in a family which doesn?t provide the chance in life to experience the painful situation as that of the girls Salamanca (Sal) and Phoebe in the story, to learn more of the real world, to think and grow. ?Don?t judge a man until you?ve walked two moons in his moccasins? is the message to learn.

The writing style is unconventional - it weaves stories proficiently underneath another, flavored with wit and humor.

But I was covered under a cloud of unspeakable sadness when I finish my reading; I was gravely shocked by the absence of common sense and irresponsibility of the main adult characters in the story.

Dad, as Sal?s guardian and the son of the two elderly people, allows grandparents to drive with Sal from Kentucky all the way to Idaho. Grandpa gives the keys to Sal for the car when she is only thirteen. Mom and Phoebe?s mom simply vanish from home without even giving their families a brief note. How could they do that? ...

Autumn Equinox

The moons were extraordinarily brilliant this morning 6:38am from our home at Mason, Ohio. Which one is more attractive? :-)


BT is my sun. I, literally and figuratively, have been revolving around her every day since she was born.

Our days had been going around well until weeks ago.

Since school started, my sun rises an hour earlier than before in the morning, when the moon is still dominating the sky and crickets are chirping indefatigably in the yard. No matter how less I was thankful to this trivial change, the challenge was looming in front of us.

Fighting tiredness tirelessly with our teeth gritted, now I'm glad that it seems we have won the battle after all. I guess "transforming from nocturnal to early riser" is one of our ...(yaawwn) accomplishments this year. Or perhaps not quite yet.

Art Festival 2010


Bookpals Fluff my fur coat,
Fluff my hair.
A world without books
Would be hard to 'bear'!

From my nose to my whiskers,
From my whiskers to my nose,
I'm covered in books
From my head to my toes!


Last week, BT brought home a strip of paper from school which the parent was required to fill the answer for "What does freedom mean to you?"

How much I wished to reply fully to this question! How difficult it was to frame any answer on the 2 inch by 5 inch paper! So I just wrote down these words - one of my favorite quotes:

Go your own way, let others talk.


"Help!" Alan yelled outside the door late afternoon that day.

I sprung from my chair and dashed through the kitchen in fear of any emergency situation.

Unexpectedly, I was suffocated... by the red hues.

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