"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Santa's Story

Merry Christmas! Once in a time of Christmas Day,
There lived Santa Claus.

As you know, this famous figure
Was quite a pudgy fellow.
His spirit and manner
were altogether mellow.
But his size disabled him
To go down chimneys his way
This was the trouble that faced him
On this one Christmas Day.

Once in a time of Christmas Day,
There lived happy children.

Shouts of joy and cheer
Could be heard among the lot.
Happy girls and boys
Were all upon the spot.
"Christmas! A white Christmas!
What a beautiful sight!"
Christmas! A white Christmas!!
Santa's coming tonight!"

Once in a time of Christmas Day,
There was a busy workshop.

Back at Santa's workshop,
They were packing up the toys
(Quite a hard job)
For all the girls and boys.
It's quite a challenge
For Santa has passed his prime.
To deliver all the toys
And drop them off just in time.

Once in a time of Christmas Day,
Santa Claus set off.

Santa and his reindeer left
In the blink of an eye.
Behind them, Santa's elves
Were waving good-bye.
The celebrated Santa
Dashed off with such swiftness
And in the sleigh, he called out,
"Ho, ho, merry Christmas!"

Once in a time of Christmas Day,
There lived a mighty gift-giver.

Santa and his reindeer
Arrived at House Number One.
"Quick," whispered Rudolph,
"There's lots to be done."
Santa scrambled down the chimney,
Delivered presents and then
He munched yummy cookes,
Then grabbed another again.

Once in a time of Christmas Day,
There was a great dilemma.

When he came to the last house,
Santa's stomach was so full
Of the cookies he had eaten
That it stretched his coat of wool.
He couldn't fit through the chimney,
Poor Santa was out of luck.
Rather in a tight spot,
He shouted, "Help! I'm stuck!"

Once in a time of Christmas Day,
There was a wondrous rescue.

Rudolph and the reindeer
Found the door unlocked.
Some went in, some on the roof
They were entirely shocked.
With might they pushed and they pulled,
Oh, what a terrible plight.
Finally, Santa came loose
And he took flight!

Once in a time of Christmas Day,
There was a great big lesson.

Santa burst from the chimney
As the sun began to rise.
"My job is done. Ho, ho, ho!"
Were Santa's merry cries.
Santa learned a lesson
With all those sweets and goodies,
On the day of Christmas,
Don't eat too many cookies!

Merry Christmas!
Wish your holidays be filled with love and joy!

Unpack Your Adjectives

Watching this video with a Big Tiger on my lap (yes, still!) today. Imagine that!!
The adjectives I can think of now are Furry, Hair-raising, Weighty, Massive, Bulky, Warm and Squashed...
How's your day today? What about your adjectives?

A Christmas Party

A Christmas Party Come join the revelry,
Have some fun,
Dance and sing,
It's a Christmas party,
Don't you know?
Presents and joy,
Come on, let's GO!

The Land of Sweets,
A dreaming place,
Of fairies that come alive,
A magical space.
Have some Chinese tea
And watch the dancers,
Come join us,
It's the Nutcracker!

Me had a lot of fun at the Mason High School Auditorium on Sunday. :)GRRRRRR!

Sonatina in G

Sonatina in G

Piano Fall Recital at Church of the Saviour on Saturday. BT was playing Sonatina in G major op36, no2 - movt 3 by Clementi and Minuet in D minor by Bach.

Glorious Mud

Glorious Mud "Mud, mud, glorious mud,
Nothing quite like it for warming the blood.
So follow me follow, down to the hollow,
And there let's swallow the glorious mud!"

I was in awe of it; it was absolutely powerful. Read its health benefits and risks from SixWise.

Also, it could change 28 plain ivory stones into yellow or brown gems in weeks; it could turn a free soul into a desperate addict in days; and it could transform an unattractive floor into a muddy swamp in seconds especially when BT is around to help involuntarily.

Still, helplessly I have become a lover of it. Mmmm...

Once In a Time of Thanksgiving

Lurkey the Turkey Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There lived a turkey named Lurkey.

Said the turkey to herself,
'Oh dear, I must flee!
Soon will be Thanksgiving
What will become of me?
If I do not run,
I'll end up on the table.
I must escape the humans
Just as fast as I am able!'

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There lived Farmer Joe.

A man named Farmer Joe
Ruled over a turkey farm.
He was not the most handsome
And possessed not any charm.
However, his turkeys were
the town's prize possession.
At Thanksgiving, turkeys were
the public's great obsession.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a turkey farm.

This was the place
where Lurkey was kept.
Whatever happened
Was impossible to expect.
The farm was surrounded
By a high wire fence.
Inside were trapped
Lurkey and her friends.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a mischevous plot.

Thanksgiving drew near,
And Lurkey had a plan.
They would dig under the fence
And so they began.
They used many shovels
And dug till they went berserk
Yet no progress had been made,
Plan A did not work.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a commotion.

Plan B was to blast
A hole through the fence.
As you may already know,
Turkeys don't have common sense.
Every punch and kick
Every rattle and roll
Didn't get Lurkey closer
A bit to her goal.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a birthday.

A week before Thanksgiving
Was Farmer Joe's birthday.
Quite an occasion,
So as to say.
Balloons and cakes,
Presents galore.
Farmer Joe was so elated
He forgot to lock the door.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a great escape.

That night, Lurkey crept into
Farmer Joe's house.
And swiped all the balloons,
Quiet as a mouse.
She gave one to each turkey
And soon they all took flight.
As turkeys rose into the air,
It was quite a sight.

Once in a time of Thanksgiving,
There was a deed of triumph.

The balloons took the turkeys
To a place quite far.
You must admit, this event
Was altogether bizarre.
And while the turkeys relaxed
After they had escaped,
Back at Farmer Joe's house
A chicken was on the plate.

Leaf Book

PPA Stretch & Strength

Voice It Out...LOUD!

Voice It Out...LOUD! Received this Vote-By-Mail flier from Board of Elections months ago, I was so excited about the opportunity of using this innovative method of voting - seems easy and what appeals the most to me, is I can vote early.

So I voted two weeks ago by mail. It was easy indeed and felt wonderful, just like a hungry dude receiving a quick food order at a restaurant.

I was virtually gloating about my new voting experience when, to my dismay, bad news came to my ears...What? They count absentee ballots LAST?!! Does it mean my order was actually first taken but the LAST to deliver?!! Will I be disenfranchised this year? Will my voice be heard after all?

Lesson Learned: Always vote at the polling station.

Who Are You?

Who Are You? I'm watching you
With my glowing eyes.
Eyes of dread,
Eyes of despise.
I sneak behind trees
I creep and I crawl
Making not a
sound at all.
My icy fingers
And razor-sharp claws
Along with my fangs
In my terrible jaws.
I cackle my wicked laugh
As I stir my magic brew.
I am a witch,
Who are you?

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