"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown



V to the A to the C to the
A to the T-I-O-N.

OOah EEah.
OOah EEah.
OOah EEah.
Yeah! Yeah!

Let's go and meet the sea,
So B-L-U-E.
Wanna fly high
Up above the sky.
See the sun,
You're the only one.
Oh, vacation, here we come!

Let Laughter Fly

Let Laughter Fly! Once there was a little red guy
Who brought such merriment to passersby.
What a plump little figure
With a heart a lot bigger,
This lively soul let laughter fly.

["Who am I? I'm Talking Carl!"]

A Great Message Though

A story about hope, trusting the unexpected and making the extraordinary come true.

I really wanted to love this book. But BT was looking at the clouds in the sky by the window while I was reading it to her and I just wanted to join in...

The story is utterly gloomy with extremely monotonous characters who never come to life.

A great message though.

Brandenburg Concerto

Brandenburg Concerto

School Is Out

It's so great, so fun, so swell.
What? I-S O-U-T?
Oh dang! Oh bummer! Oh gee!

[Wednesday was the last day of school. I was both sad and happy at the same time.]


I was appalled at what I found! The side effects of Zyrtec includes "depression; fatigue; tiredness; trouble sleeping (in children)...". I was speechless. Stopped using it immediately.

Lesson learned, always search for side effects BEFORE using any medication, even if it's a prescription from a doctor.

My Current Situation

My Current Situation
My current situation
Is quite peculiar.
This queer state that I am in
Is unfamiliar.
This is getting rather weird
What will I become?
Something is very strange,
What's the total sum?
In the midst of a plight,
I want to laugh and cry.
Things are unbelievable
In the blink of an eye.
My current situation
Is apparently unique.
I've lost SIX teeth
In no more than two weeks!!

Memorial Day Haiku

It's Memorial Day.
Let's remember those who fought
For the USA.

[Right, I went to DC in the summer of 2008. This is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The thousands of names etched in the shining stone really make me think of those great men and women who gave their lives for us and loved our country.]

Staying in Shape

Let's Run! After years of sweaty experiment, I have found that staying in shape isn't as hard as many people thought, as long as you really C.A.R.E..

. Cut back on the daily food intake, especially dinner. If 100% represents appetite fully satisfied, say bye to the food when finish only 80% no matter how you love it.

. Absolute no eating before bed in the night. Drink a half glass of warm milk instead if your stomach grumbles.

. Run 3 miles in the morning, 4 to 5 times/week. Start slowly. Gradually increase distance and speed. Put someone on your mind and earphones in your ears, they help!

. Eat healthy. Plenty of fruits and leafy greens. More nuts/fish than red meat. Sip sugary juice stingily.

That's what I've been doing.
Come on, let's move now!

P.S. If you really cannot run or jog due to medical reasons, get a pair of Shape-ups and walk!

A Story of Bravery

Poppy by Avi With great delight, BT and I have been captivated by an adorable and courageous little creature named Poppy and her dangerous, wondrous adventure.

It's a remarkable, enchanting story of bravery, finding the truth and being determined to do the right thing.

The characters are colorful and unforgettable! They are really brought to life by the author's fantastic, elaborate and humorous narratives.

Our favorite animal fiction for quality reading time together. Love it!!

[Do you know his real name? It's Edward Irving Wortis. Looking forward to reading his other books with BT... ]



It's been a long day for me
and I truly must confess
that even on this splendid day
I've encountered much distress.
I'm wonky and lopsided,
Not quite knowing what to do,
I'm hanging right around here
just feeling a bit blue.
If I could take like forty winks
I sure hope you wouldn't mind.
If I could have some quiet time...
Ouch! That's my behind!

[Look! A fortuitous art by MT. It's unexpectedly yummy!
Below, my piano recital at Disciples Christian Church on Saturday afternoon.]

Piano Recital 2010 Spring

Stand and Stare!

Put down the books. Turn off the phone. Forget about the meetings. Just come out, stand and stare!

[I captured this moment in our front yard yesterday; it turned out to be one of my greatest works. Ha!]

Y + A + W + N

I have found it! (Hopefully it would continue to prove to be true.)

After wondering, pondering, trying and crying over all the ways I can imagine, after tossing and turning in the bed and consulting parenting books at 3:00am, here's the what I have concluded:

Sleep Formula = Y + A + W + N

Y: Yes to all her questions (just for bedtime only). If it's absolutely impossible to say yes, add an "if" or say "we'll talk about that tomorrow".

A: Award system must be in place. It helps. Be careful, it must be as precise, symmetrical and flawless as possible, otherwise she would question the fairness, properness, accurateness of the implementation of the system with a storm of Whys, Hows and Whatifs fervently, relentlessly, endlessly and I would miserably, literally collapse in exhaustion and despair. That's what happened for my old version of the system.

W: Warm and soft tone no matter what. I've been practicing the skill of pushing my strength and patience to the extreme.

N: No lecture absolutely before bedtime. Leave that till tomorrow if there's the need.

Yay! I have survived (at least so far) with it before I pulled all my hair out.

[Above, the tangible gift from her for Mother's Day. I wonder... who is who? ]


Tonight, I'm prepared. I'm ready.

If you get out of bed again and come to me, I'll simply say goodnight to you. No matter how many times you repeat it, I'd just do the same. I know you are not interested in rewards, consequences but my reactions. No singing. No talking. No lecture.

Less is more. I'm determined to make you yawn!!

[She doesn't want to sleep every night which makes me so worried. Have tried many ways to soothe/comfort/reward her, but nothing works....hmmm...]

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