"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown



IS Presentation 2010

"Hello everybody! Welcome to my presentation!"

"A tooth basically consists of a very hard upper layer, the enamel, the softer (but still hard) dentin, the pulp in the center and cementum which overlies dentin in root..."

"The enamel on your teeth is the hardest substance in your body! It is even stronger than the bones that hold you up! "

"Raise your hand if you have lost 1 tooth...2...3...4...5...?"

"You have lost 30 deciduous teeth, are you kidding?!"

"Cavities lead to many problems..."

"We should brush our teeth 2 to 3 minutes, gently and not vigorously like this.."

"1...2...3...Let's SING!! Brush brush brush your teeth..."

"Whew! That's it! Thank you everybody!... Any questions?"

[That's her 28-minute IS Presentation of this year on Wednesday afternoon. Great job, BT!!]

Welcome Home!!!

Last week, four babies came home from a nursery. Their names are Dwarf, Snowdrift, Ann and Prairifire.

Welcome home!!!

Welcome home!

["Have you got enough yet? We'd surely go bankruptcy if you continue your passion." uttered Alan, he was having a frowning plus smiling expression on his face which made BT laughing badly. "Probably not, " I whispered, "Another Japanese girl is coming next week. But don't worry, all they need to drink is just water."]

Perfect Imperfection

Perfect Imperfection

Come, Share Them with Me!

Tumbling through the tides,
Swimming like a fish,
Flipping in the water,
Swish, swish, swish!

Basking on the ice,
Padding on those paws,
Prowling in the Arctic,
Fishing with those claws.

It must feel so good
To be carried by the waves,
To travel down deep,
To see the coral caves!

What is it like there
In the sea filled with ice?
I've never been there,
Not even once or twice.

Come share me those stories
Of being out in the sea.
Of being lost and found,
Come, share them with me!

Please Hold Me Tight!

Hold me tight!
Mama, oh mama,
Please hold me tight.
Sleeping and snoozing
Until night.
When the moon comes out,
We'll say good-bye to the sun,
And no one would know
That we'd have so much fun!
We'll leap among the rocks
And prowl in the dark.
We'll climb up on the trees
And scratch our backs on the bark.
We'll roar to each other,
And tumble in the grasses.
Then we'll hunt in the moonlight
And munch as night passes.
But right now let's sleep,
And please hold me tight,
Sleeping and snoozing,
Until night.

[MT: I felt so lucky to have the honor to capture this moment last week. Look how close I was...Glad that they were sleeping, otherwise...]

Hey, bud! I'm back!! Grrr!!!

Long time no see! How have u been?!!

The Voice of Color

Treasure Our Good Memories

Some time ago I was in a party of 3rd graders at school. In the classroom the students were having fun activities in groups. In one group, they were supplied with printed class photos, stickers, scissors, glue and construction paper to make scrapbook pages.

I was startled by watching some kids cutting out their single tiny head images out of the class photo and gluing them on their scrap papers. For kids of 9 years old, the way they made scrap books is quite normal; but it just keeps me thinking...

Have we treasured all our good memories in our lives? Do we still remember those who once made us smile?

Sparks of Pink

Sparks of Pink

Sparks of pink,
By the brink,
And a wonder unfurls.

Strokes of green,
On the scene,
Welcome back, girls!

["Look, I can't believe she was once that chubby little guy!" said MT.]

...Life is but a dream

Paint, paint, paint our house,
Gently make it gleam,
La la la la la la la,
Life is but a dream.

[That's the first project I have done this spring! Ta-dah!!]

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring Has Sprung!

Let's SING--

Baa baa white sheep,
Where have you come from?
I have come from Sheepfulland,
And please don't think I'm dumb.
The birds start chirping,
The fresh air fills my lungs,

(Spoken) Hmm, it smells so good!

That is how I dearly know,
That Oh-spring has SPRUNG!

[I named her Marshmallow, she really looks like it, doesn't she? Thank woo MT!]

Chopin Ballad No. 1 Opus 23

One of my favorite pieces. Mr. Erez's performance took my breath away...


Hey, What's this? What happened?!
How can I get to my nest?!
WHAT? What did you say?!
An evil magician changed my entrance and took my nest away...this afternoon? How DARE they?!!!

[The good news is we survived all the carbon monoxide from the blocked furnace pipe; the bad news is that the bird must have been fuming with anger when she came back from her hunting expedition. I hope she is ok now and has found another warm place for her nest. Sorry birdie!]

Bom Dia!

Come and meet my new love from the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, AJ - a quiet, mahogany guy who is absolutely ebullient, exotic and sweet!

[Prized by Brazilians for its exceptional nutritional benefits, Acai (pronounced "ah-sighee") is now widely recognized for its potent antioxidant power; it contains 7 times more antioxidants than blueberries.

Bom Dia means "Good Morning" in Portuguese.]

Flood of Grrreeenn

This day's a flood of green,
A'lucky, we'll say.
You'd better beware,
'Cause the Leprechaun's on his way!

This day's a flood of luck,
A'lucky, we'll say.
I mean oh-shamrock luck,
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Basking in the Breeze...

Here I am! One, Two, Three!
I claim victory for hide-and-seek!
Popping out my head to see,
I can no longer wait!
Snow has melted away,
Birds are singing in the trees,
How about joining me in the sunshine?
Basking in the breeze...

A Tale Failed to Deliver the Message

The Tale of Despereaux "Love is ridiculous. But love is also wonderful. And powerful."

That's what Ms. Dicamillo intended to deliver in her book 'The Tale of Despereaux'. Unfortunately, this message starts to blur as the plot unfolds gradually, and finally the story leaves the reader in a fog of sadness, disappointment and confusion.

Despereaux, a lovable, courageous mouse who ridiculously fell in love with a beautiful princess, was unintentionally overshadowed by the poor, tragic girl, Miggery Sow.

She was abandoned and sold by her father "for a tablecloth, a hen, and a handful of cigarettes"; she was so badly abused by her buyer 'Uncle' so frequently that her painful ears "became about as useful to her as pieces of cauliflower"; miserably, under the author's pen, she was also fat, lazy and 'her head stayed small'.

As if all of these weren't horrible enough to her, the author abused her further by keeping ridiculing her ruthlessly through the demeaning narration with details in a sweet tone. How could she?! What's the purpose of all such cruelty to the poor girl? Serving as entertainment? I can't believe it.

Oh, if the world is dark, as Ms. Dicamillo said in her book, I would rather sit with my daughter outside watching the stars in the sky.

A Quote

"Say what you mean and act how you feel, because those who matter don't mind, and those who do mind don't matter."--Dr. Seuss

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