"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


Unpredictable Life

Unpredictable Life He is dumpy and grumpy, he is old and bold, underneath his dagger-sharp quills is a warm-blooded heart...

It's hard not to be bewitched by this guy, Ereth the porcupine, especially his unique communication style and his adventurous parenthood with three young foxes. The plotting and the dialogue are thumpingly fun, and the father fox is such great entertaining as well. What a wonderful reading time with BT this summer!

Sometimes life is unpredictable and may not seem to be the way we wanted, but gradually the mysteries will be revealed. Just be patient and ... smile.

Day 1

I'm a tiger! I'm a tiger! Tigers have fur. And animals with fur...go back to school!!
See you later! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!! See you later!

Beautiful Woods

Beautiful Woods

Here we come wandering,
Into the forest deep.
Here we come frolicking,
Where the little birdies peep.
What a wonder here we see,
How beautiful the woods can be.
Come join us, we'll have fun,
And discover and explore.

Here we come venturing,
We're here to explore.
We've encountered a handsome deer,
Whom we've not seen before.
What a wonder here we see,
How beautiful the woods can be.
Come join us, we'll have fun,
And discover and explore.

My Little Goldfish

My Little Goldfish

My little goldfish
Leap and twirl
In the water, they
Gently whirl.
Slithering, slicing,
Racing, hiding
As the wonders of the deep blue
Miraculously unfurl.

Wish I could join
My shimmering friends to play.
Wearing sparkling scales,
I'd be a little mermaid.
Gliding, flipping,
Swishing, dipping,
We dance together everyday,
Underwater ballet.

Love Kale

Wandering from China to Singapore and North America here, it took me a loooooooong journey to finally meet this special one. Its heavily curled, tightly ruffled blue-green leaves intrigue me, they look so fascinating and lovely.

But its internal beauty is more amazing. Rich in powerful antioxidants, Kale is also very high in vitamin A, C, and K, copper, calcium, potassium and iron. Learn more from nutrition-and-you.

Oh School

Oh school, oh school,
You are so cool,
I've been waiting for such a long time!
Oh school, oh school,
You surely rule
Oh school you're so sublime!

The song I wrote today. Love to sing it, here's how it goes:

Let's Read!

Sitting by the window, holding this book together, that's how BT and I started our days in the summer.

Each story is well written and artistically illustrated with historical photos and drawings, it looks pretty and tastes great like a piece of remarkably crafted chocolate.

I never thought history could be so interesting. Although I skipped some pages for BT, such as the story of Count Vlad and some others which are not written for children, this book tells us a lot of fascinating stories. I'm happy it seems that BT enjoyed it just as much as I did. Her favorite stories are the "Ba-Bump Goes the Stethoscope", "Eiffel or Eysore?", "Water World", "Tulipomania", and "The Colonel and the Note".

A hard-to-find great book.

Scrumptious Stew

Surprise! Surprise!
I never knew we would
Come into a kitchen
With food so good!
Yummy! Yummy!
Such scrumptious stew!
I'm helping myself,
How about you?

[Pastel Workshop at Mason Municipal Center Wednesday to Friday. Yum class!]

Embrace Today!

The room, with everything casted in a rosy glow from light shone through the curtains, was deepening its shade gradually as sunset began.

I was lying on my side in the bed. Her arm still wrapped around my neck. The warm air breathing out evenly from her was tickling my cheek an inch away...

What else could I wish for?

I realized finally, the exhausting battle or tactics sometimes were completely unnecessary. For the bedtime issue the solution turned out to be really simple, staying with her by her side, she just magically transforms from a savage beast into a sleeping beauty. It's perhaps a blessing in disguise - a precious arrangement to enjoy the peaceful, sweet moment together.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That?s why we call it the present.?


Darting, diving, dashing,
Over and under the waves.
Like little dancing mermaids,
Playing in underwater caves.
Happily frolicking by,
In the summer's light of day,
Now greeting me "Hi", then waving good-bye,
Swimming, splashing away...


H-e-l-l-o, there! How are you doing? It's our first playdate!! Hmm, what's it like under the waves?
And also, THANK YOU MT for all the wonderful pictures!

Happy Birthday, U.S.A!

Wake up! Good morning!
It's a special day!
There must be lots of people,
Please don't be late!
Fireworks, barbecues,
Circus shows and many plays.
Come on and join us,
Happy Birthday, U.S.A!

[That was Red, Rhythm and Boom at Corwin Nixon Park yesterday. Were you there too?]

Red, Rhythm and Boom 2010 Red, Rhythm and Boom 2010


Summer is when all of the grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles,
moms, dads, kids, dogs, cats and fish
abandon their homes and
dash away at 75 miles per hour.
Then they fill up monstrous buildings
that tower over the land.
That is called HOTEL.

Summer is when every small person
looks like a chubby little
pig with a grumbling belly and
they all stuff themselves with
roast chicken and hamburgers,
all under one roof.
That is called RESTARAUNT.

Summer is when everyone from the world
drains from its home and sheds all
its clothing until almost naked.
Then, they slouch all around the sea,
collapsing into the sand with little
pink toes wiggling around in the sun.
That is called VACATION.

All of these things put together.
That is called Summer.
Summer 2010

Fortune Cookie Message

Fortune Cookie Message The simplest answer is to act.

[Left, the restaurant where I got that cookie, it was also our favorite place to fill our stamaches during this trip..]

Gift from The Sea

Gifts from the Sea

Indulgence...with a restraint

Can you imagine something hot & cold and utterly irresistible?
It probably falls into into JF category. However, I was totally captivated after a momentary struggle. Finally I decided to indulge myself with a restraint by reducing the size of the titbit.

And that's what I did.

[The credit of the left photo goes to Alan, and the yummy one on the right surely comes to me.]


Nah... Millionaire,
Is what I'll soon become.
Can't believe it,
Gotta retrieve it,
I can't really bring up a sum!
Now let's think about it,
I'm starting to doubt it...
"But is it really worth it?" I said.
5 dollars to play,
5 dollars away,
Nah, I'll buy some ice cream instead!

...admit it!

You know you like me, admit it!

[That's how I bumped into my new friend, Tropicana. Isn't she ADORABLE?]

1st Sunset

[Above, the view from our window. BT pressed #64 in the elevator, it was not 64th floor but still seems high. Do you have height phobia?]


Dad Workaholic,
Master of logic,
Sitting in the basement all day long.
Quite a bit rational,
Loves cuisine (international),
Sometimes he'll sing a silly song.

Mowing the hose,
Stepping on the rose,
But really he's not bad!
Goofy king,
My special, wonderful Dad!

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