"When you change the way you see things, the things you see change." - Author Unknown


I Wuv Woo...

I Wuv Woo...

I wuv MT,
MT wuvs me!

(Left, a pastel self portrait I drew for MT. Don't you think it looks like me? ;))

Giving Hearts Away...

to my friends and family. Happy Valentine's Day!

Stay Warm

H-e-l-l-o t-h-e-r-e! Bundle up and stay warm!!


A beautiful song from a movie. How do you like it?

Work on Your Writing

A great video from Tom Peters (I LOVE his writing style and his articles always inspire me)! I feel honored having it here to remind me to work harder on my writing which I can never finish learning. Thank you!



Drink milk & water,
Ice cream replaced by yogurt,
Eat more veggies & fruits,
Today & forever!

Diet for BT

Do it now,
I'm here to vow,
Eat more plants less animals,
Tiger is learning from cow.

Life Lessons For Kids

Giftes From the Sea A story, beautifully written from the perspective of a 12-year-old girl (Aquila) about her life - loss and grieving, healing and growing on the edge of the sea, stays in my thoughts.

This book helped BT understand and learn the connections of people and their inner complex feelings. Also, the thinking and discussion about the story as part of our life lessons is valuable to kids of all ages.

Lesson 1: Always have an emergency plan. Don't count on chance.

What do you think when Papa didn't send Mama to a doctor in time? Is there anything you could think of that Papa could have done? If you were there, what could you have done to save Mama's life?

Lesson 2: Stand up for yourself and have your voice heard.

What would you think when Papa offered Margaret to wear Mama's clothing if you were Aquila? Do you like Papa's idea? Why or why not?

Lesson 3: Communicate with your parents and never run away from home.

When Aquila thought Margaret would take Celia away, she tried to escape with Celia in a boat on a dark stormy night and that almost cost their lives. What do you think about her feelings and actions?

Lesson 4: "If you want something very badly...set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours forever. If it doesn't, it was never yours to begin with."

If you were Aquila and when you thought Celia might leave you for a better place to live, what would you do? Why?

What do you think of the character, Papa, in this story?

Lesson 5: Always treasure what you have.

"The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away", what do you think of this statement? Do you agree with it? Why or why not?

Watch Out!

Snowball Fight!

What a white world! Let's have a snowball fight!

2010 Resolution

. Don't procrastinate! This includes eating faster and concentrating on only one thing at a time, especially in the morning, so that Mom's car would be able to compete with the school bus and I would be able to choose to ride the one matching my mood.

. Use my best handwriting! This applies to school and home; anywhere and anytime, especially on my poetry notebook so that it would dazzle Mom more and give me extra WOWs!

. Be kind to my eyes! This includes no reading on the car/bus, doing eye exercises and limiting nearwork to 25 minutes at most each time. This is the hardest one. Sometimes I just forget it at all. Hmmm... I wish I could have a timer that is allowed to be used at school, and it would help to beep me out of my trance.

. Early to bed and early to rise. This is also a hard one, you know, I like to go anywhere except bed! But once I end up lying in it late, I would forget to get out of it not late.

. Remember to clean up. I think I can handle it, except sometimes I don't have enough time to finish it perfectly.

. Practice piano without being asked everyday. Mom seems to yearn to see this happen. Actually playing piano isn't an issue for me, but sitting still more than 10 minutes is. My heart would feel itch if I do, especially when no audience in presence and I cannot guarantee the tempo would stay as shown on the sheet. However, I do enjoy the prolonged ovation mom gives me every time.

. Continue to strive for excellence! And do my very best at all time on all subjects.

Greetings from BT

Did I mention BT stands for Big Trouble?

Happy New Year Around The World!

Happy New Year!

China: On the traditional lunar calendar, New Year's Day falls sometime between late January and late February, depending on the year. The festivities last for two weeks or more.

India: People buy new clothes, clean house, and decorate with mango leaves.

Japan: Homes and entrance gates are decorated with ornaments made of pine, people eat rice cakes.

Columbia: Families make a doll, stuff it with things from the past year, and burn "Mr. Old Year".

Jewish: The Jewish New Year is called Rosh Hashanah. It is a holy time when people think of the things they have done wrong in the past, and they promise to do better in the future. People eat honey cakes and blow a ram's horn during a two-day celebration.

Denmark: The Danes show their affection for loved ones by tossing old plates before their houses. The number of good friends one has is proportional to the amount of broken plates before their door.

Germany: Dancing, singing, drinking and playing. A popular game that the Germans indulge in is dropping molten lead in to cold water and predicting the future according to the shape it takes in the cold water.

Russia: New Year's Tree known as Novogodnaya Yolka which is decorated with sweets and has a bright star on top. One famous New Year tradition in Russia is fortune telling on New Year's eve.

Muslim New Year: The people celebrate New Year on March 21, and a few weeks before this date, people put grains of wheat or barley in a little dish to grow. By the time of New Year, the grains have produced shoots, and this reminds the people of spring and a new year of life.

Netherlands: Everyone eats doughnuts. Peole have a New Year's Swim on New Year's Day. At noon thousands of people dive into the freezing cold North Sea.

Scotland: New Year is called Hogmanay, and in some villages barrels of tar are set alight and rolled through the streets. Thus, the old year is burned up and the new one allowed to enter.

Greece: New Year's Day is also the Festival of Saint Basil. Saint Basil was famous for his kindness, and Greek children leave their shoes by the fire on New Year's Day with the hope that he will come and fill the shoes with gifts.

Venezuala: People carry some luggage out of the house, wear yellow underwear to bring happiness and eat 12 grapes at midnight to be lucky in the New Year.

Light up your New Year!

(Above, Holiday In Lights at Sharon Woods. Light up your New Year!)

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