"Friends are kisses blown to us by angels." - Author Unknown


Still love it...

Have a nice weekend!

Duanwu Festival

My mother was calling me yesterday, I suddenly realized that I almost forgot something.

The Duanwu Festival (also called Dragon Boat Festival) is a traditional holiday associated with Chinese culture. It is a public holiday in China, Taiwan, where it is called the "Duanwu Jie", and a public holiday in Hong Kong and Macau, where it is called the "Tuen Ng Jit".

It originated in ancient China. There are a number folk traditions, beliefs and myths connected to the observance. Today, the best known of these relates to the suicide in 278 BC of Qu Yuan, poet and statesman of the Chu kingdom, during the Warring States period.

The Duanwu Festival occurs on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, in 2009 this falls on May 28. The focus of the celebrations includes eating zongzi, which are large rice wraps, drinking wine, and racing dragon boats.

I like Zongzi, but every time I eat it it tastes sweet but sorrowful to me, I guess it's because of Qu Yuan and his poems. So Mom, may I choose to forget about this festival to avoid this dose of ancient melancholy? :-)

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May. Itís a day we commemorate the U.S. men and women who died while in the military service of any war or military action.

Mason Veterans Memorial.

My New Version

This famous poem was written by Meng Haoran (689A.D.-740A.D) from Tang Dynasty. It's beautiful yet with a streak of sadness at the ending. I would rather change the last two lines as below, the tone of the poem is entirely different! How is it? Yay!!!

Chun Xiao

Chun Xiao

Look! My babies!!

Tightly tucked in,
Gently nursed,
Regularly checked out wet or dry,
Beautiful smiles.

My babies!!

My Piano Teacher

Piano Class

My piano teacher was nice and tall,
And that is not about him all.
His playing was so beautiful and great,
I wondered, what's the magic trick?
How come my harmony sounded so loud?
Sometimes I really wanted to shout!!
Patiently he taught me how to shape it,
Gradually my playing improved a lot!
Later I got two ribbons from JME,
Which made me so very proud!
Bad news he is going back to Germany,
I really don't want to let him go!!
Europe is a place far far away,
Is he going to come back someday?
The melody from my piano will continue,
As the days and weeks follow.

(PS: To my piano teacher Dr.Boelcke.)

The Message


This Monday was a special day. For the first time in her life, Jenny was making a formal (supposed to be 20 minutes long) presentation for her Independent Study of ACT in front of her class and her teachers at school.

As her camera guy (I prepared everything - full batteries and 20 minutes storage space for camcorder), I was doing my job with great pleasure. The subject she chose was "Overcome Obesity". Her presentation went on brilliantly, it was so much fun and enjoyable as she was trying to define obesity using BMI, the causes of it and the related disorders as well as how to prevent it; I was amazed at the way she was talking, demonstrating and making jokes in front of her audience.

After about 20+ minutes when she was almost done, uh-oh! The storage space on my camcorder was full!!! OH MY!! OH NO!!!!!

Helplessly I put down the camcorder, standing there and watching her addressing thanks to her teachers, giving hugs and the classroom was full of the sound of clapping... Unfortunately I simply had no way to record that gorgeous moment.

How deeply I regretted for not preparing well enough for this event! :o( Life is full of lessons. (Surely I must strive for excellence in parenting, always!!)

As I was reflecting upon this incident today, I realized that the unfinished recording might not be bad for her, the meaning of the message is very clear:

The study on the subject is not over yet; it's not the time to celebrate; it's just the beginning!!

MY Sunshine!

MY sunshine!

A Mother's Day gift from MY sunshine!

PS: How funny to read the echoed-back word being used in such a lovely way, you amazed me again!! Wait a second honey, do I really look that plump in you eyes? If so, then I must run 40 laps tomorrow :o)

Let's go!!

Got the data from healthstatus.com, it's Calories Burned Chart based on our weight (Per 30 minutes).

Exercise Mama Tiger Baby Tiger
Basketball 1/2 court 223 120
Bicycling - leisure 107 58
Bowling 82 44
Hiking 161 87
Jogging 190 103
Rope jumping 273 148
Running 6 mph 273 148
Ski machine 262 142
Stationary bicycle / spinning - vigorous 309 167
Stretching 107 58
Swimming - moderate 165 89
Tennis 165 89
Volleyball - recreation 93 50

Are you ready honey?! Let's go!!

Have a nice weekend!

A gift to my teacher


From Tom Peters company,

"Excellence can be obtained if you:
... care more than others think is wise;
... risk more than others think is safe;
... dream more than others think is practical;
... expect more than others think is possible."

If Not Excellence, What?
If Not Excellence Now, When?"

Love Tom Peters' style!!! Awesome, succinct, point well made and clear. His words consistently inspire and energize me.

Thank you, Nancy!

I received an email from my good pal Nancy today; she was wondering why I didn't spend time chatting with her as much as I did and she started to speculate the mistake she might have made.

At first I wanted to laugh since her listed details were so funny and I have no idea what she was talking about. But I ended up having damp eyes.

You showed your friend you care.

Communication. Connection. Commitment (friendship involves an implicit commitment!). No excuses.

Thank you, Nancy!

Inspiration, Appreciation!

Guess what? This is a fun project I did with my mom for Teacher Appreciation Week. Ta-da!!!


Yesterday I received a letter from 21st Century Insurance (popular name was AIG) stating that, "There is a balance due for coverage that was provided prior to your cancellation date..." How interesting! My auto insurance policy with AIG expired long ago and I have switched it to another company since then.

I picked up the phone.

No! This is not right, my policy with AIG has expired and terminated automatically months ago. I am not going to pay anything!
(In staccato and forte.)

Mexico? DON'T GO THERE!!!

Swine flu questions answered (hopefully).
Protect Your Kids From Swine Flu.

Spring is here!

Spring is here,
Everybody cheer!!
Let's go out 'n' play,
We are on our way!!!

I love it!!!

A Special Heart

I had been searching for a beautiful timeless heart for myself since long time ago until I "bumped into it" online at Amazon "supermarket". It's dazzling and I couldn't help falling in love with it at the first sight :O) I took the action immediately and I'm so happy I did. It's truly worth the time and price I paid. Now I'm carrying the special heart with me wherever I go...

A Tiger!! Grrr!!!!!

A Tiger!!

Happy Spring!!!


A trip to Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, a beautiful day.

Let's go back to the current page...

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